Telegram Channels for CoronaVirus News and Updates

Hard time but we are together. Hey Folks, I hope you are well and working from home. The coronavirus pandemic is one of the worst unwanted things we got in 2020. People need to be stay-home and extra care for their health and information they are getting. So, we brought this article on Telegram channels for coronavirus news, facts, updates, and case updates. 

We are living and the 21st century and connected with millions of people on many social platforms. It is beneficial for communication, but sometimes it becomes horrible when people spread fake news and hatred messages. It is time to show humanity and fight together.

Wait! It’s not a time to fight with weapons or military actions. We can fight to stay at home and helping each other with maintaining social distancing.

Telegram helping governments to share information

Yes, in this challenging time, governments and authorities need some excellent platforms to share information about coronavirus cases, News, alerts, and more. Telegram has more than 250+ million active users from all over the world. So, it is the right time to utilize the user base of this messaging app for concerned authorities, and they are doing it nicely.

Many countries’ ministries started Telegram channels to share information with citizens. Singapore, India, Ukraine, Cuba, Georgia, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, and many higher authorities are running channels on Telegram.

Telegram Channels for CoronaVirus

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Finally, this pandemic humanity comes together and proves we should share love, kindness, and care to everyone. I also remember when many governments tried to restrict the Telegram app in their areas. Also, many big operators like JIO have banned their websites without any notification. I hope they will understand how useful and valuable the platform it is. Again, nothing is perfect, and improvements are the way to show love and dedication for their users.

Telegram Verified channels for Coronavirus News Broadcast.

As we mentioned, trusted news channels for coronavirus updates are significant. We have seen many bad examples in media just because of misinformation or wrong News. But Telegram management is far alert and verifying the identity of the channels which are actively sharing News and information about coronavirus.

Telegram not only verifying government channels, but they also implement the same with media houses. So, it will be helpful after this pandemic as well. Now move on to the topic, we have a list of all countries’ channels verified and shared by Telegram. So, lets, dive in the center.

List of Verified Telegram channels for CoronaVirus News and Updates

Channel’s NameJoining Link
Ministerio de Salud Pública de CubaJoin Now 🇬🇪Join Now
Corona-Infokanal des Bundesministeriums für GesundheitJoin Now
香港抗疫資訊頻道Join Now
MyGov Corona NewsdeskJoin Now
Ministero Della SaluteJoin Now
IsraelJoin Now
CPRC Kementerian Kesihatan MalaysiaJoin Now
Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)Join Now
عش بصحةJoin Now
Gov.sgJoin Now
Ministerio de SanidadJoin Now
Gouvernement TogolaisJoin Now
Коронавірус_інфоJoin Now
Coronavirus Info | Uyda Qoling!Join Now

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So, guys, these were the some useful and trusted Telegram channels for coronavirus. The Telegram platform verifies all the tracks. Also, we will frequently update this list whenever needed. So, as per now, join form these and stay safe. Still, you have any doubts and queries; please share with us. We will try to solve as much we can.

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