Telegram new update 5.12.1: Improved media playback and sharing

Written by Tomer Drey

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Telegram new update 5.12.1: Improved media playback and sharing

Telegram messenger rolled out a new update, that is called 5.12.1. In this new update Telegram improved media playback and sharing features. An also a few new exciting updates.
Let’s understand what’s is new in Telegram 5.12.1. In the last update of Telegram 5.11, Telegram brought scheduled message and reminders functionalities. To know more about 5.11 update check here.

Telegram new update (5.12.1)

  • Listen to podcasts and audio tracks longer than 20 minutes at 2x speed.
  • Resume playback from where you left off when watching long videos and listening to long audio tracks.
  • Search for items in the current folder when attaching files or music.
  • Tap and hold on chats when sharing from other apps to send to several recipients.
  • Hold on the Archive folder to mark all archived chats as read.

So, these are some new features of Telegram. Now you can enjoy podcasts at 2x speed for 20 minutes. Also, resume playback and sharing items are great features. So just update your app and enjoy all features.


In Telegram update 5.12.1, they tried to improve sharing and media playback feature. Also, you can now apply mark all as read in archived chats. Now you can also play Podcasts up to 20 minutes in 2x speed.

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