Telegram New Update 5.12: Brings Exciting features.

Exciting news for Telegram users. Yesterday Telegram rolls out Telegram New Update 5.12. So update fast your Telegram app to feel its unique features. If you are already updated your Telegram messenger and didn’t notice its impressive features, then don’t worry. We are to inform you. Telegram New Update 5.12: Brings Exciting features.

Last September, Telegram messenger introduced its 5.11 version. In the 5.11 release, Telegram brings Scheduled messages, reminders, animated stickers, etc. That was the great day for Telegram users when they introduced 5.11.  Now again, Telegram updates his app and brings a useful feature. And this update will be known as 5.12.

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Telegram New Update 5.12

Telegram New Update 5.12

  1. Improved search. When searching for messages in a chat, tap on the number of results to view them as a list.
  2. Various interface improvements.
  3. Better support for Android 10

As compression of the previous Telegram update, this update looks like a minor update. But its Improved search is handy. It will make your search is a smooth and relaxed experience. We suggest to our readers, please try this search feature and share your experience with us in the comment section.

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Wrap Telegram New Update 5.12

In the 5.12 release, Telegram improved its search method, brought new UI improvements and better support for Android 10. You should use to give a try and lets us know about what do you feel about it. Thanks for reading. Cheers.

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2 thoughts on “Telegram New Update 5.12: Brings Exciting features.”

  1. Hi, since i got my iphone xr 4 months ago, i did experienced alot of isssues in the telegram app. Pratically after some time of use the app itself becomes laggy, stutters alot, even write a message feels laggy; then it crasches and then i have to reopen it again over and over again. I wonder why; none of people i know has this problem, i dont get it.

    • I never heard this type of problem in the latest version. Please update your app, clear cache. You can try Telegram X if you are still facing same issue in the Official app. you can ping me again for any other query. Thanks 🙂


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