Best Telegram Channels for UPSC Preperation in 2021

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Written by Tomer Drey


Best Telegram Channels for UPSC Preperation in 2021

Are you missing one of the best methods to prepare for the IAS exam with the UPSC Telegram channels?

If yes, then it is time to start from today and join the top Telegram channel for UPSC exam preparation.

In this article, we will share a list of Telegram channels that are posting quality content for UPSC aspirants regularly. Also, we will share all the benefits and related doubts in depths. If you are serious about your planning and studies, then read this article till the end. We are sure this article will contribute to your resources and help you learn something new.

First, we have no doubts about the dedication and hard work of all the UPSC aspirants. But now the way to prepare for an exam like UPSC and other essential exams are changing rapidly. We can’t stick only with traditional methods, like books, Notes, Courses, coaching, etc.

In this digital world, we need to adopt digital ways to formulate the study materials: online courses, Videos, and Telegram channels and groups. Yes, you hear, right. These Telegram UPSC channels and groups are the best supply to utilise and grad the knowledge about different topics from other students.

Don’t be irritated; we will learn everything in depth, so take a coffee and read carefully. Let’s start.

What is a UPSC Telegram channel?

Telegram UPSC channel is a type of Telegram channel created with aspirants, teachers, coaching centres, and other unofficial persons. They share the latest general knowledge, history, current affairs, latest government schemes, math, reasoning, laws explanation, essential details about the exam like exam date, and much more.

Our researched team a lot of channels related to the term UPSC and IAS. But, believe us, many of them are inactive and unworthy to spend your quality time. We can’t take lightly because of the level of the exam matters a lot. Thousands of students prepare yearly and attempt to become an IAS.

But don’t worry, we collected and filtered them. Sound appreciable!

Why should you join a Telegram channel for UPSC exams?

Attention, it one of the most crucial questions. A UPSC study Telegram channel can take your preparation to an advanced level. As we said, it is the right time to implement digital ways to prepare for your beloved exam.

  1. Are your books being capable of presenting the latest GK question daily, but a Telegram channel can it easily.
  2. Are your notes providing quizzes facility? But Telegram channels are offering them.

We have more reasons like Interview tips for IAS, short tricks, and much more available on Telegram channels. One of the best parts is, these channels are free to subscribe to them. So, you can access them easily.

A UPSC Telegram channel can contribute from a 360-degree angle. Give them a try.

What kind of content Telegram UPSC channels offer?

It is also imperative that we have an accurate idea of what kind of content we will get. It also likes finding a coaching centre that offers a different type of quality education. And you have a detail of everyone that they are delivering.

Chill out! Take another sip. Below you will find some of the following types of content that these UPSC channels provide.

  1. These channels offer the latest General knowledge lesions, articles, etc.
  2. Also, you will get most of the newspaper pdf files, like India today, Hindustan Time, Danik Bhaskar, Navbharat times, and more.
  3. They offer reasoning, mathematics lessons, the latest videos, and short tricks.
  4. Interview tips.
  5. Previous exams question and solutions.
  6. Also, you will get quizzes on general knowledge, English, Math, and more.
  7. News alert, like admit cards date, result, new announcement, and more.

We hope now you have a proper understanding of these kinds of Telegram channels.

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So, these were some of the favorite and worthy channels of Telegram for UPSC. We hope this list will help you learn something new and exciting. Below we also share a few FAQs and essential details about UPSC. We recommend you should read and collect all the necessary information for exams.

Important FAQs about UPSC and UPSC channels

What is UPSC?

UPSC is a Union Public Service Commission body that conducts the exams for a reputed post of IAS. That is primarily known as Indian Administrative Services. To learn about its functioning and other details, you can visit the official website of UPSC.

What is IAS and Exam details of IAS?

The exam IAS is officially called a Civil Services examination (CSE). Union Public Commission (UPSC) conducts this exam every year in 3 phases. Below are some critical points about the IAS exam.

Mode of Exam Offline
Age Limit 21 to 32 years.
Exam Pattern 1. Prelims (MCQs)
2. Mains (Descriptive)

What are the Phases of Civil Services Exam?

UPSC conducts Civil Services Exam in three phases, which are the Preliminary examination, Main Examination, and personal interview or personality test.

What is the Syllabus of Prelims?

Syllabus of Prelims Paper 1 (GS)

  1. Current national and international events.
  2. History of India and significant Indian national movements.
  3. Geography of India and World.
  4. Indian Polity and Governance.
  5. General Issues.
  6. General Science.
  7. Economic and Social Development, etc.

Syllabus of Prelims Paper 2 (CSAT)

  1. General Mental Ability.
  2. Analytical ability and logical reasoning.
  3. Communication skills.
  4. Decision-making and solving skills.
  5. Data Interpretation and Basic Numeracy, etc.

To know everything in detail, we have a resource for you. Visit this article of BYJU’s the syllabus of UPSC.

What is the Syllabus of the UPSC Main Exam?

Paper Subject
Paper 1 Essay
Paper-II General Studies – I (Indian Heritage & Culture, History & Geography of the World & Society)
Paper III General Studies – II (Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice & International Relations)
Paper IV General Studies – III (Technology, Economic Development, Biodiversity, Security & Disaster Management)
Paper V General Studies – IV (Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude)
Paper VI Optional Subject – Paper I
Paper VII Optional Subject – Paper II

How many attempts can an applicant take for UPSC?

  • If you belong to the General, OBC, and Creamy layer, you can attempt seven times. Under the age criteria.
  • OBC non-creamy layer can also try seven times.
  • For SC and ST, aspirants can try unlimited times until they achieve the age of 35 years.

Note: OBC/SC/ST candidates can give the four initial attempts as general class competitors.

What is the Schedule for the UPSC exam?

The exact timetable of UPSC main exam changes frequently, So, we are attaching a generally informed schedule by UPSC on their website.

Form filling for Preliminary test January
Estimated Date of Prelims test The second or third week of May.
Aftereffect of Prelims test July or early August.
Primary Exam Commencement October
Main Examination results Feb or March of next year.
Identity test or interview March and April of next year.
Final Legitimacy list Early may of next year.

UPSC Telegram Channel

We know you are looking for useful Telegrams for UPSC. Most Indians are really obsessed with this test called PUPSC. Yeah, I’m telling the truth. We all know that exam review is a very important aspect of every student’s life.

How they decided on a student’s future. And passing an exam is not only a great advantage for the student, it also increases his or her value in society.

As the saying goes: The king is venerated only in his own county, but the scholar is venerated throughout the world.

This proverb is very true because knowledge is true power. If one has the necessary knowledge, one can excel in all aspects of life. That’s why we have listed the best television stations for the preparation of the PCSU.

As far as investigations in India are concerned, the UPSC, commonly referred to as the IAS investigation, is one of the most difficult and demanding investigations at the moment. Working for the government has always been the first choice of every candidate for a public service.

Our company has always encouraged these UPSC aspirants as they will join the service and take care of our nation in the future. Services such as IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS have always been considered exemplary.

Every year graduates take the exams, but few are able to pass them. This clearly shows that you not only have to work hard, but also have to be strategic to pass such prestigious exams. Only then will he be able to shine in such exams.

As these exams are very difficult to pass, students need to concentrate from the start. It’s not for everyone, so they have to understand its importance and decide from the outset whether they really want to join the services or not. For only the burning desire to do the impossible endures such trials.

As the number of posts is very small in relation to the increase in the number of applicants, this increases the competitive situation. Only the best of the best can take these tests. And if someone wants to do it, he or she must be fully involved in the preparation. In the meantime, all they have to think about is exams and nothing else.

I know it’s difficult at first, but once you understand the seriousness of the situation and its stakes and prepare for such a review, you will spend all your time and energy on it.

And if you plan it right, no one can stop you from making your dream come true. You can use Telegrams for PCSU books PDF.

One of the most common mistakes everyone has made is that they don’t know what they’re doing. Yes, you heard me well, there are many aspirants who have been preparing for the exam for a long time, but also have no idea how the exam will be taken, if they are eligible and many important aspects.

  • Telegram music channels
  • Crypto courier Telegram channels
  • Telegram channels 18+

As with any other research, PUPSC also has its own research model, eligibility criteria, age limits, etc. I’d say it’s not a test of a fight, it’s a series of fights. And to succeed, a candidate must choose his battles wisely.

Because not everything in this form is important to you, you must first understand what is important to you and what is not. For what is permanent here is time, which, once gone, cannot be brought back.

So invest your energy and time wisely in something that will help you in the long term.

What is the UPSC exam?

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) is the body that organizes the so-called IFRS evaluations, which are currently among the most prestigious. It is easy to access to central services.

Through these examinations, our Public Service Commission selects the best brains to work with them in various aspects of service providers such as IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS, etc. They use them for their rigorous training to enable them to offer their services to the public.

But this is the next picture in the story, where they first have to do the test and only then can they enter the ministry. Before we do that, give us a few details about the basic exam that will give a general idea to new officer candidates.

IMSU Review Parties

The examination is officially known as the Civil Service Examination (CSE), which is organised annually by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). And UPSC USE consists of 3 steps: Preliminary test, head test and personality test/verification.

To reach the final level, candidates must pass the triple tests.

IAS audit service UPSC Public Service Labour Relations Board
IFRS audit approach Offline
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Time used Once a year
IAS age limit 21 to 32 years old
Provisional Reviews IFRS 2018 June-August
IAS 2018 Core data October-December
Types of questions and patterns of IAS exams Provisional (MCQ only), Network (Description)

What makes PUPU so difficult?

Often the piercing question in the mind of a young person who wants to become an IAS agent is that the CSE exam is very difficult to decipher?” His answer is clear and simple: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Again, it’s not that easy because he’s connected.

There are many reasons why I have investigated and discovered these PUPSC exams. To predict how difficult such exams will be, you first need to understand my results and only then can you decide whether the exam is really difficult or not.

1. Research schedule

The very first factor that makes a revision difficult is the way it is carried out. Yeah, seriously. A three-stage cleaning system makes breaking and entering difficult. Three steps follow:

1. UPSC Prelims

2. 2. UPSC network

3. PUPU Board of Directors Interviews

And worst of all, every step has to be taken to get to the next level. And just so you know, I have to tell you that the difficulty increases with each level. During these phases not only your expertise will be analysed, but also your personality, your problem solving skills, your patience and everything else.

2. UPSC Curriculum

Moreover, the diversity of the PUPSC program makes it really difficult to hack. How difficult it is for PhD students to read in such a wide variety, and how it ultimately leads to uncertainty for them to focus on a particular topic.

3. Transit rate

Given the pass rate of the IAS exam, it is easy to understand why it is considered one of the most difficult exams in India. On the lakes, only 25% pass the pre-trial and go online. And here, only about 15% make it to the interview.

Even the last phase has a success rate of less than 50%. Overall, therefore, we can see that only less than 1% of aspirants are able to realise their dreams. But don’t worry, because with the right attitude and strategy you can get into that 1% reserve.

5. Preparation time

Another important factor contributing to shelf life is the preparation time. Yes, it takes about 8-10 months on average for applicants due to the size of the programme. It depends on their interest and training style.

Now you can understand why public service is considered one of the most difficult tests. But it doesn’t matter, because with the right attitude and the right approach, anyone can crack that hard nut.

How can I get higher grades on PCCU exams?

One of the most frequently asked questions online is the above. And every candidate for public office needs to understand the answer so they can hack it later. In order to better understand this, I have mentioned a number of important points that first need to be understood and then applied accordingly. That’s why you need the best Telegrams for PCSU videos.

  • Diagrams: Yeah, the diagram says a lot where words can’t. If you think that a diagram can better illustrate your point of view, you can feel free to draw a diagram when answering a question. This is an additional advantage in the rating.
  • Side Heads: If we answer a long question, we tend to describe it well, but often in the form of paragraphs and it seems very boring to reviewers. So you can add some side titles to make it interesting. It gives you the right direction on what you are willing to say, and the same goes for high scores.
  • Flow diagram: If you can include multiple flowcharts in the descriptive answers and a page title, not only will you earn extra points, but the examiner will be impressed by your creativity.
  • Use of bread instead of depth: According to the PUPSC, the aspirant must take a series of measures and then describe the subject in depth. The width therefore has an advantage over the breathing technique.
  • Introduction: As the morning indicates the day, so does the introduction of a reaction. In your introduction, you should include all the important key words you want to explain in your answer. It’s like a short story to a long story.

These points I have described above are the most important to get good grades on the UPSC exam. But the aspirant must use them effectively and judiciously. Depending on the nature of the requests and the conditions, you must use them to your personal advantage.

Best Telegram channels for UPSC 2021

Before switching to the Telegram collection chains for the current UPSC cabinet, check the best Telegram groups for UPSC preparation. Like all other channels, this list of Telegrams for PCSU provides valuable information about PCSU exams.

This information includes valuable notes, questions and answers, quizzes, questions from the past, PDFs, announcements of important sample exams and much more.

If you don’t know how to create a Telegram set, follow this link. These channels are a great source of knowledge, and in a fraction of the time the knowledge is disseminated to a wide audience (in this case prospective PPSC members).

And most importantly: All these services are free for life, so even students who cannot afford all these materials will benefit. So these PUPSC television channels have really had a positive impact on the lives of every aspiring worker in the community.

Why connect these PCSU channels to Telegram?

In this digital age where the use of smartphones is like breathing for us. So, having SmartPhones and not using those better channels for UPSC in Telegram is like swimming in water and being thirsty. I’m joking. I’m joking.

These Telegram channels do a fantastic job by delivering top grades, pdf’s, questions and answers, news, quizzes and much more. All these services are free of charge.

So I can’t think of any good reason not to join these big UPSC Telegram chains.

How do you find the list of the best Hindi UPSC Telegram channels on the Internet?

The list of Telegram transmitters for UPSC in Hindi is already given in this article. However, if you want to do more in-depth research, Google is the best answer. The members of our team did their best and manually searched for the best among the others and listed them in this article.

We hope to have covered the best who give regular updates and those with few bugs. Because the quality of the tickets and the issue is what we always prefer over quantity.

Why is it important to prepare for UPSC?

UPSC, also known as Union Public Service Commission, one of the national competitions in India . This test is carried out for the recruitment of persons for administrative, foreign and police services. Most young people in India are obsessed with this research. This exam is so popular that there are hundreds of training centers in the country that charge thousands of rupees. If you are also a PUPSC candidate, be sure to check out some of the best -tv channels in preparation for the PUPSC in 2020.

It doesn’t matter where you study for the exam. Most PUPSC candidates can take the exam without the need for a crash course or coaching at an institute. Regular training and following a schedule are essential to pass this exam. Most questions in the exam are objective.

As a PUPSC-aspirant you have to take into account that it is very important to be well guided. Without that, you can’t get good grades and pass the exam. For the UPSC there is no better place than the Telegram channels to get the right guidance. For years, people from these channels and groups have been preparing for selection exams and giving free recommendations to other candidates. If you want to share your knowledge with others, you can also create your own TV station. You can then share all teaching and other materials related to the exam.

Telegram channels for UPSC

Our society needs big men in administration. Without it, corruption would destroy the whole functioning of the country. As you may have noticed, there are many corrupt people in the administration. This leads to corruption and great losses for the country. Therefore, there are different phases of the UPSC investigation, and after passing these phases, a person can be given the position of IAS officer, etc.

Knowledge is the key to everything, and in this exam you will probably need to study a variety of subjects in depth. You don’t have to be creative or anything. Take the subject, read it and look closely at it and remember the most important points. Agriculture, animal husbandry, anthropology, botany and chemistry are important subjects. Passing the PUPSC exam is a clear game of preparation strategy, lesson plan, ability to remember things, etc.

Keep in mind, however, that there is an aptitude test that tests all your ability to perform tasks. This test is mainly based on the assessment of a person’s decision-making ability and his or her ability to deal with serious situations. You need to pay much more attention to this exam. That is why PUPU made the right choice by joining Telegram groups. The members of these communities constantly share excellent resources for exams, newspapers, information, books and much more. All these resources are very important for the preparation.

Telegram channels for preparing the UPSC

Here are some of the best Telegram channels for preparing the UPSC . Click on Join to join these channels and groups.

All of them have their own characteristics. Most of these categories are run by people who are aspirants to the UPSC and who are willing to help others by providing free educational materials. We have also repertoryed some programs for the UPSC in Hindi. They are useful for students who have taken the Hindi Mediumcourse.

Main recommended channels and groups for UPSC training

Now let’s talk about the recommended channels preferred by thousands of students. We have listed all these strings based on their consistency and the nature of the published content. There is something useful and important in the channels we have described below.


The PUPU IAS provides very useful content for users, such as PUPU comments, handwritten notes, PDF books and much more. All content is free to download on the channel and you don’t have to pay anything. Links to useful resources, such as. B. Important questions, frequently asked questions, etc. are published weekly. What we especially appreciated was the availability of the collection of real cases in PDF format.

Most of the quality books relating to the selection exams are distributed free of charge. If you’re a book lover, be sure to check out the pdf feeds where most books are free for members only. This channel mainly focuses on offering content in Hindi-English.

Join Channel

2. UPSC 2020 exams

This channel is more focused on promoting other groups where members can find useful material that is noticed and studied. It contains IAS and IAS exam notes, a CD with handwritten notes, teaching materials and much more. We are convinced that you cannot get such interesting content elsewhere on the Internet. All materials are supplied by experienced teachers and students. They also promote certain crash courses that allow you to practice writing the exam.

The channel also broadcasts interviews with candidates who have passed the exam. These interviews can be an excellent source to learn more about tactics, tips and tricks from people used to passing the exam. The importance of observing and learning the preparation strategies of others becomes very important in all types of exams. Without that, you end up learning things you don’t need for the exam.

Join Channel

3. English books

This is a channel that focuses more on promoting PDFs related to knowledge on IAS and HAS topics. The marked content includes a series of tests, Hindi and English dictionaries, proficiency tests, etc. The general community is linguistically oriented and places people with useful English skills. Those who do not speak or write English well enough should definitely join the channel.

Some selection exams are in English, and most questions are not that simple. In order to be able to answer all these questions correctly, a thorough and broad knowledge of the language is necessary. It also helps to understand the question asked in English.

Join Channel

4. EPFO channel

Interested in the UPSC EPFO! Then you absolutely must become a member of this chain. Videoconferences and important study documents are posted here, which is very useful for the preparation. Our team has found that conferences are supervised and designed by experienced speakers and assistants. So there is no doubt about the quality of the content.

PUPSC prepares a position on EPFO every year. Anyone interested in a position on this board should familiarise themselves with and familiarise themselves with the topics covered in the document. The level of difficulty of the exam is also very high, as thousands of candidates apply for this position each year. Every year about 400 to 500 positions are advertised, which can be a good opportunity for you.

Join Channel

5. Vision IAS channel

The Vision IAS Telegram chain is another excellent source for training materials. With over 100,000 members in the community, it is one of the most popular and useful TV channels for the UPSC. They continue to share information about events and current events around the world. If you want to become a member of the IAS, you have to become a member of the chain.

Vision IAS is itself the best coaching institute in India. That is why the institute has excellent content makers and teachers. All useful details, questions, tests, etc. are uploaded to the group. We encourage you to take advantage of all these free offers.

Join Channel

Reason for using Telegram channels for UPSC

Today, most of you may wonder why they joined these channels. As the content related to the exam can be purchased on the market. This includes books, exams, etc. So what is the reason for connecting to these channels?

The reason is simple, it’s because you get exam-related updates. Not only updates, but also premium tests, PDF books and much more. Thousands of students have joined such groups and channels to form a community and prepare for the exam with strategies.

As we have already said, the preparedness strategy is the most important key to the success of the PUPSC. By joining such communities you learn from other people and their learning methods and strategies. Membership of these channels is completely free of charge.

How to prepare for the UPSC exam without tutoring

Today, some of you still don’t know whether to choose a coach or not. The answer to this question is simple: If you are a person who can learn alone, there is no reason to be coached. But if you need good coaching before you learn something new, we recommend that you opt for coaching.

It should be clear to you that no miracles will happen if you join a coach. The only advantage of these institutes is that they give the best advice to all students. This education is given by experienced teachers.

These institutions also want to create a community where all their students and lecturers can come into contact with each other. Therefore, they are also obliged to join the Telegramic chain and read/examine all documents submitted by the teachers.

  • Preparatory strategy: We have stressed several times at the beginning of this article that the most important thing is the preparation strategy. Without that, you end up learning things that exams don’t ask for. To develop a good strategy, you need to read some articles online, learn from others who are also preparing exams.
  • Work plan: Yeah, you heard me right, you’re on a tight schedule. Create a calendar with fixed times for activities, entertainment and so on. If you stick to this schedule, it will help you a lot in the long run.
  • Stay focused: Never lose concentration and never lose hope. If you keep studying smart, you might be able to pass the exam one day. There are many possibilities in our lives and thanks to the knowledge we gained during the preparation, you can also take other exams outside PUPSC.
  • Update your knowledge: It is strongly recommended that you keep your knowledge up to date. There are many changes in the world and you have to be aware of all the changes.
  • Don’t exaggerate: Stress gets you nowhere and even ruins your daily life. Prepare for the exam, but don’t exaggerate with the results. Go out with friends, have fun, spend time with your family. If you have all these tasks in your calendar, you will be happier and more productive.

Tips for getting more points in the UPSCsurvey

Various tips and tricks can help you pass the PUPSC exam. When someone is in an examination room, many different thoughts come to him. Some may be stressed, others are happy because they know all the answers, while others have difficulty remembering the answers.

  • Keep your answers short: Remember that this is not a school or university exam where you write a long answer and are rewarded with good grades. If you know the answer, write it down in great detail, but none of these details should be useless in any context. Draw diagrams, graphs and write examples and case studies to make your answer as truthful as possible.
  • Structure of your answer: Make sure your answer is much more structured. Provide your answer with paragraphs, headings, subheadings, etc. to make it rich in content. Bullets and numbering your main points is another good tactic to structure your reaction.
  • Facts and figures: Write down some facts you know about this subject. This is also useful when recording digital data. However, make sure that all the facts and figures you present correspond to reality. Otherwise you could get into trouble, because a misrepresentation does not make the examiner happy.
  • Card(s): This question contains topics on which you can draw shapes and diagrams and then move on. Drawing attractive and useful diagrams and graphs will delight the expert. In that case, the case could turn to your advantage and you could get more stamps.


You are trying to be part of the Indian administrative department by trying to pass the UPSC exam and that is fine. As we all know, taking such exams is very tiring, as more than 10 lakhs of people take them every year. Your preparation should therefore be good enough to enable you to compete with all these candidates and you should definitely become a member of the PUPSC Telegram Channel as you will benefit from free coaching in these groups.

If you have success stories or if you manage a channel where you share exam-related content, please leave a comment below. We appreciate the feedback from our visitors and it helps us to improve our articles and add more useful content that can help other readers.

Finally, the doors of knowledge open for you – it’s time to dive into these canals and make the most of it. This will certainly save you valuable time. There’s no need to be distracted by the online grades, because you’ll get a huge number of channels that will definitely cover the entire UPSC exam program.

I hope you liked the best channels for the preparation of the UPSC. If you use Telegram, check these channels for more information. You can also share this article with your friends and family because it is said that knowledge can only be increased by sharing.

You can also save the link as a bookmark. We will also update the list in the future and notify you of any future updates. However, if you need information or want to add your channel to this list, please do not hesitate to contact us via Telegram.

Congratulations for reading our list of best Telegram channels of UPSC. Our team filters these UPSC Telegram channels according to their content quality and spam-free media. So, you can join them after visiting a channel manually. Also, we explained all the necessary details of these channels, like the benefits and FAQs of UPSC. So, give them a try and share your experience below in the comment section.

If you have already joined a Telegram channel related to study, UPSC, SSC, General Knowledge, and others, then please share with us in the comment section. It will help us to add in our list so every student can join and take benefit from them.

If you have any queries, doubts, and suggestions related to this list, please tell us in the comment section. If you like, then please share it with your friends and on social media handles. You can also follow our Facebook page and join our Telegram channel to get the latest updates and quick solutions to bugs.

Telegram channels for UPSC, here is a list of best UPSC Telegram channels, which offers the latest and premium content for UPSC applicants. So, visit here to learn more.