Best Telegram Channels For Web Series

With OTT platforms being more popular than traditional TV shows, platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Alt Balaji, Sony LIV, and Apple TV have become more popular than cable TV. Now all our favorite shows are listed on these platforms. Moreover, these platforms are not free to watch and comes with a premium subscription, and each app comes with its own monthly subscription. These services are quite expensive and there should be a way to get these web series for free.

In this article, we list out the Best Telegram Channels For Web Series which can be used to directly download or watch your favorite web series. These web series include Mirzapur, Sacred Games, Scam 1992, Game of Thrones, Friends, and many more. In these channels, you shall find links to your favorite tv shows, web series, and much more. You can even request the admin for the link for any of your favorite shows that you wish to watch.

What is a Telegram Channel for Web Series?

A Telegram Channel is a community or a broadcast group that shares all the latest links for all web series and TV shows. These channels are managed by a bunch of people who curate these links for free for all the followers and even cater requests to provide links for any web series you wish to watch and a free streaming link is not available.

Also, please note sometimes these telegram channels get suspended because obviously, these are against the polices. You can’t share copyrighted content without the permission of the owner. But you do not need to worry about that. Rest assures, we regularly update our list and only list working and active telegram channels.

Here are some of the classified telegram channels to download the web series. We have classified the channels like the ones who are only interested in Telegram channels for watching tv series from Netflix, ones interested only in Bollywood movies have a separate channel and this classification makes it easier for the user to select the best telegram channels for web series.

But before that, it’s important that Why are these Telegram Channels for web series important.

Benefits of Telegram Channel for Watching Free Web Series?

There is a lot of advantages to join Telegram Channels to download Web Series. Below we listed some of the essential benefits that you should know before joining a telegram channel. The services are the followings:

  • You can watch Web Series online on Telegram. For Free.
  • You will get all the latest and trending Web Serirs, shows to downlo@d directly in your phone storage.
  • Also, you can request your favorite movie, web series, on a few channels.
  • Our listed channels are highly trusted and nearly spam-free.
  • Watch Mirzapur, Sacred Games, Friends, Game of Thrones for Free.

We hope now you understood why you should join a telegram channel for web series.

Netflix Series Telegram Channels

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms with a huge library of content and almost all new web series including the originals are launched on Netflix. Having a Netflix subscription is more of a necessity than a luxury these days, and the monthly subscription is not cheap, about Rs. 800 a month not everyone can afford the pricing. So, don’t worry here are some of the Best Telegram channels to download web series for free and this is a completely free method to watch your web series for free. You just need to click on the Join Channel button and you will join the channels. Now enjoy all your favorite TV series and web series and enjoy it.

Netflix and Chill for FREE. Join these Telegram Channels.

Channel NameJoin Link
Free Netflix Movies and SeriesJoin Channel
Netflix OnlineJoin Channel
Super NetflixJoin Channel
Netflix StuffJoin Channel
Netflix HUBJoin Channel
Netflix ArenaJoin Channel

Hindi Web Series Telegram Channels

Earlier Hindi TV serials were quite popular and now with the adaptation of foreign culture, we see a lot of Hindi web series. Some of the popular web series are Mirzapur, Sacred Games, Scam 1992, Little Things, Paatal Lok and many more. And here are some Telegram channels to watch these Hindi Web Series for Free. Join these channels and jump into the action.

Channel NameJoin Link
Netflix Hindi Web Series HD Join Channel
iNetFlix Xpress Join Channel
Netflix Hindi Web Series Movies Join Channel
Netflix Movies Web Series Hindi Join Channel
Zee5 Web Series Join Channel
Alt Balaji Web Series Join Channel
Ullu Web SeriesJoin Channel

English Web Series Telegram Channels

Need to watch Game of Thrones, Friends, The Office, Big band Theory, Brooklyn 99 for Free. Here are some curated Telegram Channels that are specially made for English Web Series lovers. We personally are part of some of these Telegram channels. You can even request links to your favorite TV series and the admin shall provide you the link. Try these Channels and do let us know if you find these useful.

Channel NameJoin Link
Prime Originals Join Channel
Popular Web Series Join Channel
AmazonPrimeHD Join Channel
All Web SeriesJoin Channel
Series GangsterJoin Channel
Web FilmsJoin Channel
Latest Web Series Join Channel

Why Join Telegram Channels for Web Series

During this Pandemic, t is safe to stay indoors and protect you and your family. So better stay indoors and enjoy binge-watching your favorite tv series without paying for the subscription. Join these tried and tested telegram channels to watch any of the latest web series for free and even request links to your favorite tv series.

How to watch Web Series on Telegram?

Great to see you here, now we will learn how we can watch the latest Web Series through telegram channels. You can download it too, but it is up to you. Here we are sharing a concise and practical guide to save movies from Telegram.

  1. Choose any channel from the above table of Web Series Telegram channels.
  2. Now click on that joining link. It will redirect you to telegram messenger. (Also, if you are browsing from the desktop, then it will open its new window.)
  3. After following step 2, you will see the selected telegram channel on your screen.
  4. Now you can browse those channels and if you find it useful, click on the join button, which is present at the bottom of the screen.

So, with the help of these four simple steps, you can join your favorite web series channel on Telegram.

FAQs Related to Web Series Telegram channels

Are web series telegram channels safe to join?

A big Yes, all the provided channels list and their joining link are 100% to join, and you have free to join as much as you want to join.

Is Telegram permit to run web series channels?

Telegram allows you to create a channel on any topic, but you can not share the content of someone else illegally. If you do, then your channel could be banned anytime.

Is any drawback of telegram WEb Series channels?

Unfortunately, Yes, sometimes few movie channels share spamming links, ads, promotion of other media, and many more unwanted things. But we always filter channels and choose a few quality channels from hundreds of channels. So, don’t worry, feel free to join a movie channel from our list.

Can I get all  Web Series on these channels?

Maybe yes and might be not. It ultimately depends on channel owners and admins what they share first and what is not. But these are the topmost channels, and they share quality stuff daily.

Our final thoughts on Web Series Telegram channels!

Telegram is a godsend application that works flawlessly, and the channels feature of the app is best suited if you are looking for ways to download web series for free. Do check out all the above-mentioned link to Join web series telegram channels and make sure to join these channels. In case any Channels is not active let us know and we shall remove it.

All the Telegram Channels have been tested by us and all are of good quality that is quite active and the admins also respond quickly, you can search for your favorite TV series and download it or you can even request admins to provide you links of any TV series that you wish to watch. These telegram channels are the best and free ways to download TV series and watch them for free.