Grow Your Telegram Channel By Using These Simple Tips & Tricks

Written by Tomer Drey

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Grow Your Telegram Channel By Using These Simple Tips & Tricks

Telegram is one of the most widely used messenger all over the world. Durov Software Industry, the firm behind Telegram’s development, introduced Telegram ‘Channels’ in 2016. Within a few months, we saw an exponential rise in the number of channels, which brands and businesses used to promote their products and services.

To start with, Telegram Channels are a form of one-way messaging, through which admins can stay in touch with members of a community. It takes a lot of effort and time to grow a channel if you simply keep on posting content. But there’s a better way to build up a new channel. In this article, we take you through various aspects that you must be aware of, to grow your Telegram Channel efficiently and quickly.

Benefits of a Telegram Channel

There are endless possibilities if you can successfully grow on Telegram. Especially for businesses, you can promote your products and services through these channels. Bloggers and content creators can drive more traffic towards their platform. Moreover, you can use your own influence to promote other channels or products to earn money.

Let’s get started with the guide and see how to promote your Telegram channel for free.

1. Naming Convention 

Choose a small and professional name for your channel. This can help you to become easily discoverable by people. Further, a unique identity of your brand/service will help you prosper in the future. Try not to copy any of the existing names. This might help you to attract visitors initially, but will not be helpful in the long term. It is not advisable to change your channel’s name in the future. Instead, try to keep the name short and innovative while starting. Frequent rebranding of the channel might leave a negative impression on your audience.

2. Choose a Suitable Username 

When creating a channel, you have to assign a username so that people can discover you easily while they are searching. Try to keep your channel’s username very similar to the name. For example, if you have named the channel as ‘ XYZ ASSOCIATES’, its username can be ‘xyzassociates’.  It is very important to note here, that if the name and username vary to a large extent, your channel won’t be discoverable by the majority of people. We recommend you to decide on a username first, and then assign the channel’s name accordingly.

3. DESCRIPTION AND IMAGE Are of Utmost Importance 

When a user approaches your channel for the first time, he/she will head towards the description to know about it. If they find it very useful or relatable, they are most likely to join. Write about your channel’s description is such a way that the visitors feel compelled to join. Keep the words simple and crisp, to create an impact on the reader.

Telegram’s default image format is circular in shape. Design a unique logo for your channel, preferably in circular style. This can also help to impress the audience.

4. Get the Topic Right

There are various genres of channels on Telegram. First, identify what type of channel do you want to create. Join a well established channel, which is already posting similar content. Observe how they function, how do they post, their way of interacting with the audience. You need to have some content on your channel already before promoting it anywhere else. Your first few posts have to be appealing.

5. Importance of Images & Visuals

Visual representation of your post can help to attract more audience. Images and infographics are great means to communicate well. Eye-catching visuals usually perform better than plain text.

Usage of watermarks is of utmost importance. If channels with a large audience base post your content with due credits, then more traffic will be diverted towards your own channel.

6. Being Consistent 

Getting loyal members to your channel will help you a lot in the future. It is possible to build a loyal userbase on your channel by posting regularly. Try to upload your content regularly after equal time intervals. Temporary audience won’t get hooked to your posts, but the loyal ones would surely be. So try to post frequently for them, rather than to attract more and more people. This will surely help in long term.

Prerequisites for PROMOTION your Telegram Channel

Before approaching any platform for promotion, make sure that the new audience that visits your channel feels compelled to join. Delete all irrelevant posts that you uploaded earlier. Only the relevant and unique content will help you get loyal members.

1, Use Social Media For Promotion

Social media is one of the core part of internet. You can use your followers on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to spread the word about your channel.  Approach your family members and friends , so that you can build a base initially.

2, Use QnA Websites For Promotion 

Quora is one of the best platform to gain subscribers to your channel. Find questions related to social media or Telegram on Quora, and answer them in the best way possible. People who visit Quora to get their answers might be interested in joining your channel. Leave a link to the channel at the end of your answer. You can also use websites such as for this purpose, if your channel is related to education.

3. Use Your Website for Promotion 

Owners of websites can effectively use this trick to grow on Telegram. Simply put an  ad image with your channel’s link. Position the ad suitably on the header or sidebar. Visitors of your site will click on the ad only if the image seems interesting to them.

4. Register your Channel on TelegramChannels is the largest collection of Telegram channels. These are of various topics such as education, business, movies, technology etc.

You can easily register here by clicking on the link given above. Fill the form that appears.

Now, ask your existing members to give you a 5-star rating, so that your channel can appear on the top page of the directory.

Here comes the use of loyal members, who will be willing to give a high star ratings to the channel, which will eventually lead to growth. Therefore, it is very important to build a strong and loyal userbase.

5. Bilateral Promotion 

Search for a channel that is posting similar content, and possesses almost the same number of views per post as your own channel does. Contact the admin by locating him in the ‘Members’ list. Now, you can offer him/her cross-promotion for mutual benefits of both the channels. Once the promotion is done successfully, delete the ad post.

6. Paid Promotion

Already established channels would never agree with you for cross-promotion. In this case, to reach a larger audience, you need to pay some amount of money for promotion. There are other ways of getting lifetime free members, such as using Dr. Digit. Remember, investing in paid Promotion will help you to grow today, and yield much higher returns in the future.

7. Posting Copyrighted Content can lead to Permanent Ban 

You can post anything on Telegram, due to the fact that it is an open platform. However, if you post pirated /copyrighted content, and the owner files a strike against your channel, it can lead to permanent deletion of your channel.

As we said earlier, unique and exclusive content will always lead to genuine growth.


This sums up our ultimate guide to grow a Telegram channel. Using these simple tips, you can grow exponentially faster than any other channel on Telegram. Always prioritize your loyal members, rather than using bots or temporary users as stepping stones.