How to Create a Telegram Channel (Android, iPhone & Desktop)

Written by Tomer Drey

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How to Create a Telegram Channel (Android, iPhone & Desktop)

Looking to know how to create a Telegram channel then you are in the right place. The Telegram messaging app is now on high demand. Peoples are using this app on a large scale. Telegram also has a feature to create a channel and a group. The Telegram app has a lot of exciting features. But in this article, we will discuss on Telegram channels only. The Telegram messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps nowadays. A lot of peoples from all over the world are using this app. Their developers claim it is the most secured messaging in the world. Over 200+ million are actively using this platform.

Therefore we created a handy guide to teach you, How you can create a Telegram channel? Read the complete article; we hope it will help you a lot to understand the whole process to create a Telegram channel.

What is a Telegram channel?

Telegram channel is a tool to broadcast public messages to large audiences. Where Telegram users can subscribe to your channel and get an update of your words, in the Telegram channel, you can share any text message with images, videos, and links. There is no limitation of subscribers, and it can have unlimited subscribers. Your channel can be public or private also. In the channel message, your messages will display with your channel name. You can even promote a member to admin.

How are Telegram channels Useful?

Creating a Telegram is useful or not is a valid question in your mind. As we explained above, what’s a channel, from there, you may get many hints about its adequacy. Let’s discuss how it can be useful for anyone?
  1. To share your content with your audience.
  2. To share your order or firm decision with employees.
  3. To build a specific interest related community.
  4. To share your business.
  5. To promote your products and services.
  6. To share movies, music, and other media files.
  7. To distribute eBooks, newspapers, magazines, etc.
So, these are the few common examples we have in front of our eyes. Explore it, and you will find it is a beneficial and awesome one. Many media houses and big companies are moving towards Telegram channels to update their employees. So go and start it before your competitors.

How to Create a Telegram channel?

Now, this is the time to learn how we can create an excellent channel on Telegram. Below we will share full details for all platforms, Android, Windows, iOS, etc. You can learn your device accordingly.

Create a Telegram channel on Windows.

    1. Open the Telegram app on Windows.
    2. Tap on three small Parallel lines in the top left corner

    1. Click on New Channel.

    1. Upload Channel photo and choose name and description.

    1. Click on Create Button.
    2. Choose Channel category, link, and click on save.
      • Public Channel: If you choose public then anybody can search and join your channel. You have to choose a current URL which may include channel name or keyword.
      • Private Channel: In the private channel, you have to create a URL and nobody can search your channel on Telegram. But you can share your channel URL to invite peoples for joining.
    3. Select contacts and click on the invite button.

Create a Telegram channel on Android

    1. Open the Telegram app. 
    2. Tap on three small Parallel lines in the top left corner.

    1. Now click on New Channel.

    1. Click on create the channel.

    1. Upload your channel photo, name, and description.

    1. Choose channel type and URL.

    1. Add members and click on the right tick mark in the top right corner.

So that’s the way to create a new Telegram channel on Android.
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Create a Telegram channel on iOS

    1. Open the Telegram Messenger. 
    2. Go to the Chats tab. 
    3. Tap the “New Message” button on the top right corner

    1. Select New Channel.

  1. Click on create the channel. After Step number 4, rest is same as Android. You can follow or can skip this guide.
  2. Enter Channel name, description and photo.
  3. Select Channel type and URL.

From the current market situation, the smartphone price in UK is small, and having Telegram installed on all smartphones that are sold is quite tough.

Create a Telegram channel on macOS

The process of creating a Telegram channel on macOS is almost the same as windows. Just open Telegram and follow are steps, as we mentioned in the window part. If still, you are unable to create a Telegram channel on macOS, then you can ask in the comment section. We will solve your query or may update this guide. Thanks for your co-operation.

Why should we create a Telegram channel?

Above, we learned the creation process of a Telegram channel on all platforms. Also, we discussed some benefits of a Telegram channel. Let’s try to understand why we should create a Telegram channel?

To Update your team: A huge benefit of creating your channel is, You can update your team or employee in just 1 second. You can spread your company event, notice, etc. details with your employees. Also, you can take feedback from your team members in just a few minutes. It will help a lot to improve the quality and quantity as well.

Promote Your business and services: As a product manager or owner, you can promote your services on the Telegram channel. And can generate more leads for your products. Also, you can share an instant offer with subscribers.

Share your content: The Telegram is also becoming popular among bloggers and content writers. A blogger can share his latest blog posts and articles with their subscribers. It will help to improve engagement on-page.

Earning: You can posts affiliate links; peoples buy from your affiliate link; you will get commission automatically. You can promote any platform for Bucks. They will give you money if you help them to encourage their business.

There are so many ways that are available to earn money from a Telegram channel. Here I explained a few of them. These are some of the significant advantages of creating a Telegram channel. I taught a few of them, but if you use a Telegram channel wisely, you can take so many benefits from that.


Above we explained everything about the Telegram channels. Let’s revise. We discussed what a channel is? How are these useful, and how to create them? We hope this is an easily understandable guide for you. If you still have any doubts, then you can freely comment below. We are here to help you.

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