How to Download Movies from Telegram?- Easy Step By Step Guide!

Written by Tomer Drey


How to Download Movies from Telegram?- Easy Step By Step Guide!

Spending thousands of bucks on the subscription of several OTT platforms may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Are you one of those who likes to watch movies and web series as soon as they release but can’t really afford the expensive subscription charges of the OTT platforms? What if you get a chance to watch all your favorite shows and movies for free? Well, we are not suggesting you download from Torrent. We understand that many of you simply do not want to go through all those tantrums that Torrent shows.

So, what is the solution? You can download your favorite movies and shows from Telegram. Telegram is not a mere messaging app anymore. Telegram has many channels that actually allows you to download movies and shows for free. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the ways to download movies from Telegram. Scroll through and learn how to download movies from Telegram.

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How to Download Movies from Telegram? 4 Easy Steps You Need to Learn!

Downloading movies from Telegram is fairly easy. All you need to do is follow these step by step guidelines we have provided here. Have a look now and watch your favorite movies and shows for free.

Step 1: Install Telegram

Firstly, you need to install the Telegram application on your smartphone. You can download the app on your Android or iOS device. Not only that but Telegram has dedicated apps for macOS, and Windows versions as well.

  • Download the Telegram App from Google Play Store now.
  • Once you install the app, launch it from your smartphone.

Step 2: Find out the Movie channel

There are various channels available from which you can download movies on Telegram.

  • As you launch the app, click on the search icon available at the top-right corner of the app interface.
  • Now, enter the movie name or video file name you want to download.

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Step 3: Open the channel

  • Next, from the search results open the Telegram channel and locate the download link or streaming link there.
  • The download link comes as a blue button and has the download icon attached to it.
  • If you can’t find out the exact movie you are looking for in the channel you can search the channel too.
  • Simply click on the 3-dot menu icon at the top right corner and tap on the Search button.
  • Now, enter the name again and search.

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Step 4: Tap on the download button

The last and final involves downloading a particular movie. It’s fairly easy. All you got to do is click on the download button and wait until the downloading process finishes.

So, now you know how to download movies from Telegram. But this is not the end; once you download the movies, there are a few other basic things that you should know. Check out the frequently asked questions that we encounter from the Telegram users.

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How can I stream a movie from Telegram without downloading it?

Telegram channels offer two types of movie links, one is the regular file download links, and the other type is movie streaming links. But if we talk about the most common type, then most of the Telegram channels post the file download links.

What if you don’t have enough space on your device memory and you don’t want to download the whole file? You must be wondering whether you can watch the movie or not. The answer is yes, you can. Even if you can’t find a streamable link, you can actually convert a download link into a streamable one. There is @streamvideo_bot, a Telegram bot that allows you to convert and stream a downloadable link.

Note: There are other Telegram Bots also available which you can use to stream from a download link.

How to convert a movie download link to a streamable link on Telegram?

You just need to follow a few simple steps to stream from a download link on Telegram. Follow the steps below.

  • First, launch the Telegram app from your smartphone.
  • Now, tap on the search icon at the top right corner and look for @streamvideo_bot
  • After that tap on the start button
  • Then, forward the download link to the bot
  • Finally, wait for a few minutes until the bot send you the streamable link

Can I install Telegram on the desktop?

You can install Telegram on your computer running on Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems.

  • Simply check out the official Telegram app download link.
  • Locate the Telegram version you need download
  • Finally, download and install the installer file on your computer.

You can do all the things like downloading and watching movies and shows on your computer as well. Follow the steps mentioned above, and you are good to go.

Now you know how to download movies from Telegram. If you find any issue while following the process, you must ask for further assistance through the comment section. Which movie or show are you going to download and watch using these tricks? Let us know through the comment box below.


Telegram has numerous channels from where you can download and watch your favorite movies and shows for free. Here in this article, we have shared four easy steps that you need to follow to download movies from Telegram. Not only that, but we have also discussed a few easy tricks following which you can stream the content you want without even downloading. Get a hold of all the easy hacks now. Scroll up and learn how to download movies from Telegram.

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