How to enable Two-step verification in Telegram

Written by Tomer Drey

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How to enable Two-step verification in Telegram

It is a general question of many Telegram users when they listen about Telegram security settings or others.

Telegram Security Settings is very important for every user. Security and privacy are considered to be the biggest reason behind the famous Telegram. So it becomes crucial for you too, that you must also keep the information in matters related to security.

Hey Users, Welcome on TTC Web. Today we are going to explore some Telegram security expects to enhance our security level of Telegram app. Don’t worry; this is not a big deal; We will explain to you everything in a very comfy manner.

What is Two-Step Verification in Telegram?

First of all, Before any wastage of time. We will learn what two-step verification is. Two-Step Verification is a method to protect or increase the security of login activities of our Telegram account.

When you enable this setting from Telegram app, you will set a new password to login in your account in new devices. Its looks like you have a password to log in like Facebook, twitter. So, it increased the security level of login activities.

How Two-Step Verification Beneficial?

Now you know, What is two-step verification in Telegram. We think that, to a great extent, you may have understood what its benefits are. But below we explain them in detail once.

Two-Step Verification protects unauthorised access to our account. If someone tries to access our account from anywhere or in any device, then the user should have to enter the two-step password to complete the login process.

So, it’s hugely beneficial for our account protection.

How to enable Two-Step Verification in Telegram?

Finally, it’s time to learn how we can enable this excellent feature of Telegram app. Let’s learn step by step.

  • Open your Telegram App
  • Click on Three parallel lines on the top left corner. On your app home screen, you will able to see three parallel lines on the top left corner. Just click on them.
  • Open Setting: Now scroll down and find a setting option and click on it.
  • Click on Privacy and Security: Once more, scroll down and look for Privacy and Security option. Now tap on it.
  • Tap on Two-Step Verification: Now scroll down and tap on Two-Step Verification. You can find it after privacy column.
  • Click on Set Additional password: After tapping on Two-step verification, you will get an option to set a new password. Now click on this to set up a new one.
  • Now enter a unique and rememberable password: It’s time to set up a password for our account. We recommend you should choose a unique and easily rememberable password.
  • Re-enter your password: In this window, put your entered password.
  • Create a password hint: Now you have to set a hint for the password to remember that. E.g., if, you enter your car name with car number like audi0001 than you can set My car. It just, for example, you can set a strong one for high protection.
  • Now Enter your recovery email. (Recommend)
  • After the Password hint, you have to enter your email address as a recovery method. Here we recommend you should enter your email address to recover your account. It will help you to reclaim your account when you forgot you forgot your two-step password.
  • Verify OTP from the mail, and you did it: Now go into your mailbox and copy OTP and paste into the app. And Now you have enabled Two-step verification for your Telegram account.

Final View After Complete Whole Process.

After enabled two-step verification.

How to disable Two-Step Verification

If you have enabled two-step verification and want to disable it, then read this paragraph. It’s straightforward to disable two-step verification.
Step: 1 Open Settings > Privacy and security> Two-step verification
Step: 2 Now Enter your password.
Step: 3 Click on Turn password off.

How to change Two-Step verification Password

Changing a password is a routine for everyone. And we suggest if you are not doing this, then please start changing your password in a fixed interval of time. Because this will help you remember your password and also it’s secure your account.

Step: 1 Open Settings > Privacy and security> Two-step verification
Step: 2 Now Enter your password.
Step: 3 Tap on Change Password.
Step: 4 Now enter your new password.

How to Change Two-Step Verification Recovery Email?

If you want to change your recovery email address than you have to follow below steps.
Step: 1 Open Settings > Privacy and security> Two-step verification
Step: 2 Now Enter your password.
Step: 3 Click on Change Recovery Email.
Step: 4 Enter your new email address.
Step: 5 Verify OTP from Mailbox. Done.


This a step by step full tutorial on how to enable two-step verification etc. We hope you understand our guides. If you have any doubts and questions, you can share with us in the comment section. We feel proud to assist your queries. Thanks and See you in the next Article.

Fact: A recent survey by Visual Objects showed that around 34% of full-time employees of U.S. companies are not practicing basic cybersecurity protocols