How to Join a Telegram Group on Android, iPhone, Windows & Mac

Written by Tomer Drey

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How to Join a Telegram Group on Android, iPhone, Windows & Mac

Whether it is a public or private group, there is a link to participate in the discussion. When you have a link, you can go there and click on the JOIN GROUP button. Here’s how. See the following examples of public and private group links.




How to join Telegram Group Without Link

You have to find a way to join a Telegram group without having a connection. The request is also sincere, as there is no official list of Telegram groups on the Internet.

All lists of bots and websites that contain Telegram are directories of third parties and are in no way associated with Telegram. But I will now share with you the procedure for finding Telegram groups and join them easily. Don’t forget to read in advance how to create a Telegram group.

1. Internet research

If you want to join the best Telegram groups, you can do so by searching online for the keywords Best Telegram Groups and Best Telegram Groups. Here you will find many third party blogs and sites that have listed Telegram’s top groups in different categories for easy access.

2. Use of Telegram Bots

You can use a number of Telegram robots to find the best Telegram Tapes and join them if you like. You can use @tchannelsbot to search for Telegrams.

3. Reference Websites

There are many sites on the Internet that list the best Telegram groups that you can join directly. They are also categorized for ease of access. They are arranged according to different categories such as animation, films, music, pdfs. Just select the groups of Telegrams you think you need and join them.

Now you need to know the procedure to access a Telegram group on an iPhone or Android phone. I can tell you that the next steps that I should have taken were to help you get the best Telegram that lie online in the Trend.

We have tried to find out from you the simplest connection to how to join the Telegram Group? If you are still uncomfortable with the procedure you have been subjected to, you can make a comment, and we will help you to decide who you want to contact.