How To Make Telegram Stickers | Create Your Own Stickers Pack

Written by Tomer Drey

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How To Make Telegram Stickers | Create Your Own Stickers Pack

The latest version of Telegram supports stickers and most importantly, we can make free Telegram stickers on Android, iPhone. We are here to let you know the exact procedure on how to make Telegram stickers. It’s very easy to create and share Telegram stickers with your friends.

You do not need an application from a third party. That’s because Telegram provides you with an official robot with which you can create and publish your stickers. We need prepared PNG images with a size of at least 512X512 pixels. For example, you can take a look at some cool stickers to find out more.

People from all over the world make interesting stickers that most people can use. If you are also an artist or if you have cool ideas, we recommend that you learn how to make Telegram stickers on your Android, iPhone, and computer. The process we have shown can be monitored by means of a Telegram on a PC.

When someone creates a sticker, he receives a live link from Telegram. This link can be shared between platforms to allow others to apply stickers to their devices. This is a great feature because it helps the creators to share their stickers with a wide audience.

Requirements for making Telegram Sticker Packs

The steps to create a sticker for the Telegram are quite simple. But there are some things you should consider before you start. It included adaptations of dimensions, sizes, etc. Here are the basic requirements to get started:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Telegram Application from the Play Store or iTunes Store installed on your mobile device.
  2. They have prefabricated stickers on your device.
  3. Make sure that all images are at least 512X512 .
  4. The size of the image file must not exceed 512 KB.
  5. Images must have a transparent background and the file format PNG.
  6. Add a shadow effect and a 3D style to make the stickers interesting.
  7. Make sure that the images you use do not infringe other people’s copyrights.
  8. Make sure that the images you use are in accordance with the recommendations of the Telegram community.

How to make Telegram stickers on Android and iPhone?

Forapply the Telegram sticker:

1. Open the Telegram and press Search.

2. Find the username @sticker and choose the first option, which is the official sticker robot.

3. Press the Start key and a list of some commands will be displayed.

4. Click on the option /newpack to create a new package.

5. Give your sticker packaging the name and click on Send. We’ll call our package Telegram.

6. Now upload your photos as a file. Click Media>Files.

7. Choose a PNG image of 512X512 and less than 512KB.

8. Add an Emoji to your sticker by clicking Emoji and selecting your favorite.

9. If you want to add additional PNG images to the sticker package, send additional PNG files, otherwise select / Publish.

10. Find a PNG 100X100 image if you want to add an icon to the package. Otherwise, select/skip OGM, this is optional.

11. Create a unique URL, you can use your brand. This URL can be used to exchange stickers in the future.

12. Click on the URL to see the stickers.

13. Now share the sticker pack URL on social media for the configuration.

Additional functions provided by the Telegram bot

Now let’s talk about some additional features of Sticker Bot. According to the bot’s description, it helps users create a sticker package by providing supported image files. Here are some important features that the bone offers in terms of stickers and masks:

  • Creating a new package: Create your own pack of stickers by providing the robot with valuable information.
  • Creating new masks: Create your own custom mask by following the instructions.
  • New animated stickers: Telegram also supports animated stickers, and this bot can help you make them free.
  • Add label: If you want to add more images to the batch, select this option and add as many images as you want.
  • Process label: Change the face of the smiley and other details on the sticker.
  • Order designation: Put back the position of the stickers in the stack.
  • Removal of labels: Permanently remove the sticker image file from the package.
  • Remove package: Remove the whole package.
  • Statistics: Get stats on stickers, for example. B. The frequency with which they are shared.
  • high: Get a list of the best stickers.
  • Package statistics: Get stats like. B. Various stickers used today, installation status, uninstallation status, etc.
  • Top of the house: Sort the parcels according to use and installation.
  • Using the top pack: Get statistics on the use of your best packages.
  • Cancel: Cancel the current operation to restart it.

All of the above functions can be accessed by interacting with the robot. With these functions, you can create/treat a set of user-made stickers. This is amazing because in the future we will be able to add cool stickers to existing packaging or remove them if necessary. People often make reminder stickers and get thousands of mailings in return.

We strongly recommend that you use Photoshop to edit and resize icons. Photoshop offers all the tools needed to create images. For this, we can use any animation tool or even MS Paint. Just make sure that the file size and format comply with the guidelines for Telegrams.


We hope you’ve learned the process of making Telegram stickers. This process is quite simple and can be carried out with a mobile phone or a personal computer. We often see many well-known brands and designers who make and share their stickers with their audience. Because it helps them increase their audience. That’s why Telegram made it so easy to make packaging stickers as quickly as possible.

If you are having problems making your package, don’t forget to leave a comment below. One of our team can help you solve this problem. Make sure you share the article with your creative friends so they too can make stickers and share them with the world.