How to Pin a message in Telegram | Android and iOS Devices

Written by Tomer Drey

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How to Pin a message in Telegram | Android and iOS Devices

Today you can see how to attach a message in Telegram. Then, without wasting time, let’s get to work.

Telegram is a messaging application where you can make conversations with text, images, stickers, and other forms of multimedia.

Steps for Android: How do I pin a message in Telegram?

Step 1: Open your Telegram APP on your Android device

Step 2: Open the group in which you want to enter information or a message.

So you should know that there are two kinds of groups within Telegram: Private and public groups. For example, to use the pinning service on Telegram, you must be a member of a private group or an owner/manager of a public group.

Step 3:Now find the message you want to hang or type and then lightly tap the message.

A pop-up window will appear with many options.

Step 4: Press Pin. After clicking on the Pin option another pop-up window will appear. This field is used for confirmation.

Step 5:The option Notify all members. If you enable this option, all members of the group will be notified of the assigned message.

And if you don’t want to warn them, open this option and click OK.

The message is attached to the beginning of the group.

To unpin the message:

  • To print a message, click on the cross to the right of the printed message. Then press the Unpin button to confirm.
  • The second method is to click once on the defined message and select the Unpin option.

Steps for iPhone or iPad: How do I pin a message in Telegram?

Step 1: Open the Telegram application on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2:Click on the Chat option at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Now look up the group to which you want to add the message.

Step 4: Touch and hold the message you want to hang up. The menu window appears after you press it. Press the Pin option.

A confirmation window appears with two options: Only contacts and OK.

When you click OK, your message will be attached and a message will be sent to all group members about your attached message.

And if you click the Pin Only button, your message will be pinned, but no notification will be sent to anyone in the group.

To unpack the message:

It’s the same as an android.

How to connect to the Telegram Chat:

We all know that Telegram is a messaging application, so there is definitely a long list of personal chats if you use it regularly. Most of them are unusual and only last for a short time, so another contact is at the bottom of the list.

It also makes their conversation list pretty long. And if we can’t find the person we want to communicate with the most.

To solve this problem, we can put them at the top of the discussion list. This function can be used to participate in personal chats, channels, and groups.

Steps for reaching cats on Android devices:

  • Select your Android device and tap the Telegram application icon in no time to open it. Press and hold the cat or chain etc. that you want to pin down.
  • After a long press on the button, several icons appear on the screen and you have to find the pin-icon and click on it.
  • That’s why that particular cat or channel will be pinned down. Now it doesn’t matter how many messages you get from different contacts, because the chat you pin down is stuck.

To unload the chat:

If you feel you need to delete or unpack the chat at the top, click and hold the chat you previously pinned and click the unpack icon at the top.

Steps for attaching chats to iOS devices:

  • Quickly open the Telegram APP on your iOS device, you need to move the cat to the right to anchor it.
  • It’s as simple as that with a directional attack hanging on the right.

So we did that in our How to Attach a Message in a Telegram project.