How to Send Scheduled Message in Telegram

Written by Tomer Drey


How to Send Scheduled Message in Telegram

Hey, users in this article we are going to share a step by step guide to know How to Send Scheduled Message in Telegram. I am pretty sure; After reading this article, you don’t need to visit any other page to learn about Telegram Scheduled Message.

On Sept 5, Telegram launched his updated version 5.11.0 which is available for all android and iOS users. In this Update, Telegram introduces some more exciting features. Now Telegram 5.11 users can send a Scheduled message, can set a reminder, cloud custom theme, and some more privacy settings. Also, you can read how to set a reminder in Telegram messenger. 

What is Scheduled Message?

The scheduled message is a type of word which we use when we want to send a message as per our time scheduled. For example, If you want to send a message to your client at midnight. But you are not able to send the news at that time, but if you schedule your message, then you can throw at your fixed time. Don’t worry. In further explanation, you will understand clearly.

Telegram Scheduled Message

Telegram Scheduled Message is a type of message which is scheduled by a user for another user. User can send this message on a particular time without impending at that time. Telegram user can plan his word and can communicate on his desired time.

Benefits of Telegram Scheduled Message

1. Now you can send messages when you want. (For example: Suppose you want to send a message to say ‘Good morning’ to your GF in the early morning. But you are not about your wake-up time. Then you can use a schedule message to say good morning.) Funny?

2. You can schedule a message for wishes. Like to say happy birthday, independence day, Happy new year, etc. Now you can set a time at midnight and take a sweet sleep. Telegram will take care of your message. Etc.

How to Send Scheduled Message in Telegram

Its time to share step by step guide to sending a scheduled message in Telegram. Follow all steps carefully.

    1. Open Telegram App.
    2. Now Open Client and user Chat. (User who will receive your message).
    3. Now type your message. 
    4. Long-press on the send button. After typing your message, you have to Long-press on the send button.
    5. A new pop-up will appear.

On the pop-up, you will see two options. One is for Schedule message and second is for Send without sound.

    1. Now click on Schedule Message.
    2. Choose Time for your message.

Choose wisely; This time is a time on which receiver will get this message).

    1. Click on set time at Ab: XY (Ab: XY is a random character for time)
    2. Complete, Now your scheduled message automatically sent on a fixed time.

Note: To send a Scheduled Message you must have updated Telegram 5.11.0 version.


I hope now you know all about Telegram scheduled message. You can now send a message on scheduled time. If you have any doubts and suggestions for this article, you can mention below in the comment section. Also, if you have any Telegram channel and groups, then you can tell us about that in the comment section.

Thanks for reading enjoy:)