How to set a Reminder in Telegram Messenger

Written by Tomer Drey

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How to set a Reminder in Telegram Messenger

In the latest Telegram update 5.11 they launched few new features and reminder is one of them. Now we can arrange a reminder in Telegram messenger. Sound Good! In this article, we will discuss the Telegram reminder feature and learn its beneficial or how we can set a reminder.

What is Telegram Reminder?

On September 5, Telegram introduces a new feature, through which we can set a reminder for our Telegram messages that are called Telegram Reminder. In Telegram 5.11 update Telegram launch scheduled messages, reminder, custom cloud themes, and some more privacy controls.

Why Telegram Introduce a Reminder feature?

Telegram launched reminder feature of their users. Okay, it is just fun, but we have to understand why Telegram launched a reminder feature. Many of the times, we store some crucial messages in Telegram saved messages. But some times we lost and forgot to open them due to so many words or XYZ reason. Next week meeting notice, holidays, relevant news, urgent messages, etc. are some of our saved messages.

So, now we can set a reminder for our particular message. Simply this feature is helpful when we want to set a reminder for our urgent message.

How is Telegram Reminder Beneficial?

We can set a reminder for our urgent and vital messages like a group notice, shopping list, wishing message reminder, Office meeting details, and opinion, Study notes, time table, etc. These are some common benefits of setting reminders. Now its depend on your needs how you will use it. Also, comment below some other benefits if you used before.

How to set a Reminder in Telegram Messenger

  1. Open Your Telegram App 
  2. Go to your saved messages. 
  3. Type a demo or Xyz text and long-press on the send button.
  4. A new pop-up will appear with text set a reminder.
  5. Click on Set a Reminder.
  6. Choose Time for your reminder.
  7. Your reminder is now live!


These are some simple seven steps to set a reminder. I hope now you know how you can set a reminder in Telegram messenger. If you have any doubts and feedback for this post, you can share your thoughts in the comment section. Also, if you have any Telegram channel, bot, and group, please share in the comment section. Thanks for reading.