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Written by Tomer Drey

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What are telegram channels

A telegram channel is like having your tv channel. You get to reach large audiences and organise new content, there’s no limit to the amount of subscribers you get. If you provide good content you might end up having one of the most popular telegram channels or maybe one of the top 10 telegram channels. Companies like Bloomberg and New York Times are among popular telegram channels. If you own a telegram channel, you’re the only one who can post on it. Unless you add other admins, no other person would be able to post on your channel.

You can send stickers, gifs, pictures, videos and a wide range of content like that on telegram channels. If you send pictures together, they form a frame that’s easier to look at for your viewers. They can also click to open it up and see one image at a time.
There is also a share button so that your subscribers can easily share your posts with their friends and family.

On Telegram channels, you can use a #hashtag to search for everything relating to the #hashtag to find older posts easily. As the owner of a Telegram channel, you can see which posts belong to any admin that posts content for your viewers, just in case.

Subscribers can’t see each other so users can’t see who else is subscribed to your channel. You can set up a Private or Public Telegram channel. The only difference is that subscribers join private Telegram channels by invitation only.

How to find telegram channels

First of all, you can always find the latest telegram channel information on our website. You can easily find Telegram channels through the search bar by typing the channel name or typing the topic tag of the telegram channel. For example, you could search for Bloomberg or simply type news channels in the search box and telegram will suggest channels that best match your search.

To find private telegram channels all you need to do is get the channel link from a member of the Telegram channel. Public Telegram channels can also be found when a post is shared, users can locate the channel where the original post was made and subscribe.

Benefits of joining a Telegram channel include belonging to a community, gathering knowledge because you never know what you might learn from a free telegram channel or one of the top ten telegram channels. As we all know, no knowledge is wasted.

The most subscribed Telegram channel in the world is HINDI HD MOVIES BOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD and their subscribers count totals at 6.1 million subscribers, a hefty count. Other top telegram channels include BOLLYWOOD MOVIES HD HOLLYWOOD NEW,
PROXY MTPROTO and MOVIES TEMPLE. All you need to do is search these names in the application and you will see them pop up.

The categories of most popular Telegram channels are movies, crypto, betting, forex trading, music, tv series, comedy, education or online learning etc. You can also use Tgstat.com to be able to check the statistics of Telegram channels to find the best telegram channels for you.

How to join telegram channels

There are lots of ways to find and join a Telegram channel.


The first way that you can find a telegram channel to join is by searching for a category that you’re interested in and choosing from the list of suggestions provided for you. To do this all you need to do is go to the official telegram website, all the different types of channels categories are stacked in a frame, keep scrolling through till you find the category that meets your interest then click on it.

When you do this all the channels that are related to that category or topic will show on your screen, You can filter the search to find the best telegram channels in the category you’re looking for.

Scroll through them till you find the one you would like to be a part of and click subscribe. The website will redirect you to the Telegram app automatically and the Telegram channel will open. All that’s left for you to do is to click ‘Join’.

Another way for you to join a Telegram channel is by knowing the name of the channel you want to join. You probably found it in a top ten telegram channels list or a best telegram channels list and you would like to see what all the fuss is about. You might even be looking to make a parody account of a most subscribed telegram channel to easily boost your subscriber count, and you feel that would be the best name for your telegram.

All you need to do is click the search icon on the Telegram application and type in the channels name then click search. Choose the channel you’re looking for from the suggested results, it shouldn’t be difficult if you get the name right.

If you want to search for the channel’s name on the telegram website, you can. You would only need to put ‘@’ before typing the channel name on PC.

To join a private Telegram channel, you would need the link of the channel provided to you by a member of the channel or admin. All you need to do is click the link and you will be redirected to the app instantly, the channel will open and you click ‘Join’ and you will be subscribed to the channel.

Advantages and Disadvantages of telegram channels


You can make your channel private or public, the status of your channel can be changed at any time between both.

As a public channel, there is no limit to the number of subscribers that you can have.

You can add up to 50 admins, this is good if you have a popular telegram channel and require multiple people to work with you.

Any content post from your telegram channel that is shared can easily be traced back to you.

There are no ads so you don’t have to watch ads anytime you view content from your top telegram channels.


When you search for a Telegram channel with a saturated name but the channel is not so popular, it may not appear on the screen because the app automatically picks the top ten telegram channels that match your search.

Top 100 telegram Channels Available

Movies And Series Channels

Rating Channels / Link Description
1 Bollywood HD Movies Latest [Movies_Bollywood_Hollywood_hindi]

A channel with over 4million subscribers. Has over 1.7 million people that get their post. It gets its authenticity from the millions of people that get Indian series to through their channel.

2 Movies 🎬 @Movies_South_Netflix_Telugu_Ullu

This movie channel has close to 2 million subscribers with a daily view of 1.1m so you can trust this channel for the best videos and movies. The Single post reach is also 788.8k.

3 ФильмыСериалыКино @filmy_netfli

Get your hot and trendy Russian movies directly from this channel. It has about 1,917,225 subscribers at this moment and it gets over 1.9 daily reach and an average of 11 post per day.

4 Amazon Bollywood South HD Movie 📺 @Amazon_Bollywood_South_HD_Movie

Amazon_Bollywood_South_HD_Movie dishes out most of the best Indian movies, which are very clear and has a good resolution. They have about 1.7m subscribers and they post daily. Single post reach: 192.6k

5 Latest Movies Amazon Prime Video @Latest_Movies_Amazon_Prime_Video

With a 1.6million subscribers, Latest_Movies_Amazon_Prime_Video is sure to give their viewers a channel that only shares the latest videos and movies. Their single post reach is now over 175.7k

6 Hot brazzer Girls Bhabhi Video (@Hot_brazzer_Girls_Bhabhi_Video) @Hot_brazzer_Girls_Bhabhi_Video

Sends good videos, they have 1.5million subscribers Single post reach: 410.3k

7 Hometown Cha ChaCha (@Hometown_Cha_Cha_Cha_16)

1.4million subscribers Single post reach: 1.3m

8 Bollywood Latest Hindi hd Movies (@bollywood_Latest_Hd_Movies_New)

1.4million subscribers Single post reach: 800.7k

9 Hotshots (@Alt_Balaji_Ullu_Zee5_Hotshots) @Alt_Balaji_Ullu_Zee5_Hotshots

1.3 million subscribers Single post reach: 139.9k

Cryptocurrency Channels

Rating Channels / Link Description
1 Crypto Trading Bitcoin [@Crypto_Trading_Bitcoin]

Has over 408.6k people that get their single post. Gives the best information on crypto currency exchange and it's like. Give the latest trading advice

2 Technical Analyst [@Bitcoin_News_Crypto]

Has over 518.2k people that get their single post. Give credible information on crypto and updated information on the exchange price of crypto coins.

3 Binance Crypto Trading. @Crypto_Trading_Pumps @Crypto_Trading_Pumps

Has about 1.8 million subscribers Single post reach: 304.4k

4 Binance Pump Signals @Big_Pumps_Signals

1.7 million subscribers Single post reach: 637.5k

5 Pancakeswap Official Support (@Pancakeswapj)

822k subscribers Single post reach: 413.2k

6 Bitcoin Signals Crypto ⚡️ Trading Pumps ( @Bitcoin_Signals_Crypto)

855.7k subscribers Single post reach: 187.4k

7 Airdrops Kingdom (@AirdropsKingdom)

796.1k subscribers Single post reach: 131k

8 Crypto Pax | BTR (@crypto_pax)

18 000 + MP 293.7k subscribers Single post reach: 60.2k

How to telegram category

Rating Channels / Link Description
1 Telegram Tips @TelegramTips

With 7.5 million subscribers this channel gives verified tips on telegram and it's tested application. Single post reach: 3m

2 Proxy MTProto (@ProxyMTProto)

3.4million subscribers Single post reach: 530.3k

3 MyPoroxy | مایپروکسی (@Myporoxy)

1.8 million subscribers post reach: 192.7k

4 Tips de Telegram (@TelegramTipsES)

881.1k subscribers Single post reach: 394.3k

5 Proxy MTProto | پروکسی (@iMTProto)

630.8k subscribers Single post reach: 101k

6 Durov's Channel (@durov) @durov

629.3k subscribers Single post reach: 1.2m

7 تيليجرام @TelegramTipsAR @TelegramTipsAR

621.7k subscribers Single post reach: 215.5k

8 MTProto Proxies 🚀 Free (@MTProtoProxies)

364.7k subscribers Single post reach: 46.7k

9 All Saver News (@Allsavernews)

242.3k subscribers Single post reach: 31k

10 All About Bot Nulis (@inforajinnulis) @inforajinnulis

238.9k subscribers Single post reach: 90.6k

Gaming category

Rating Channels / Link Description

1.1 million subscribers Single post reach: 150.9k

2 ورزشسه@varzesh3 @varzesh3

1.1 million subscribers Single post reach: 320.6k

3 هوادارانپرسپولیس@Perspolis @Perspolis

1.1 million subscribers Single post reach: 118.8k

4 Pc Games (@pc_game_down) @pc_game_down

230.6k subscribers Single post reach: 60.1k

5 Free Fire Redeem Codes (@freefireredeem1)

225.7k subscribers Single post reach: 172.7k

6 5 PLAY⚡️Игрыдля Android (@android_5play) @android_5play

205.2k subscribers Single post reach: 29.3k

7 Free to play (@free2pIay)

195.8k subscribers Single post reach: 26.4k

8 ⚡️STANDOFF 2 | Промокоды, Читы (@hackess) @standoffcheatix

180.9k subscribers Single post reach: 61.5k

Education category

Rating Channels / Link Description
1 Davlat Test Markazi (@Dtmuzb_uz_Davlat_Test)

1.2 million subscribers Single post reach: 125.6k

2 Книги на миллион | бизнес блог (@iknigal @ikniga

727.5k subscribers Single post reach: 239.4k

3 NEXT EXAM (@nextexam) @nextexam

449k subscribers Single post reach: 65.9k

4 The channel has a confirmed owner at the TGStat website Ebooks& Magazines. UPSC Books & Magazines Civil Services Books ️ (@civilservicesZone)

300.1k subscribers Single post reach: 35.5k

5 study for civil services (@studyforcivilservices)

281.3k subscribers Single post reach: 31.8k

6 Vision IAS (Official) @VisionIAS_UPSC

236.9k subscribers Single post reach: 28k

7 SK Result (राजस्थानशिक्षासमाचार) (@skresult)

235.1k subscribers Single post reach: 82.5k

8 Target Study IQ (@targetstudyiq)

230.4k subscribers Single post reach: 23.6k

9 Study Govt Exam (@Latest_Govt_Notification) @Latest_Govt_Notification

229.3k subscribers Single post reach: 72.4k

10 Online Study Point™ @onlinestudypoint

210.9k subscribers Single post reach: 37.7k

Technology category

Rating Channels / Link Description
1 HACK INSTAGRAM🔐FACEBOOK🔐 (@hack_hacker_whatsapp)

918k subscribers Single post reach: 319.5k

2 📲 Easy APK (@EasyAPK)

5 000 + MP 899.9k subscribers Single post reach: 109k

3 Google Pay Go India offer (@google_pay_stamp_go_india_offer)

743.8k subscribers Single post reach: 80.1k

4 Google Pay Go India Offer 🎁 (@Google_Pay_Go_India_Offer_Stampp)

720.8k subscribers Single post reach: 72.9k

5 Shopirlar🚗🚘 @shopirlar

411.2k subscribers Single post reach: 184.3k

6 Автоинструктор @auto_instruktor

297.3k subscribers Single post reach: 44.3k

7 Автоинструктор (@auto_instruktor) @auto_instruktor

297.3k subscribers Single post reach: 44.3k

8 Patel Wealth Advisors Pvt Ltd (@MINISH_PATEL) @MINISH_PATEL

181.8k subscribers Single post reach: 52.3k

Stock Market Category

Rating Channels / Link Description
1 Sarkari Result SarkariResult.Com Official (@sarkari) @sarkari

660.4k subscribers Single post reach: 167.9k

2 AliexpressХалява | Скидки | Промокоды (@alikzbs_aliexpress) @alikzbs_aliexpress

722.7k subscribers Single post reach: 95.7k

3 Minish Patel🔹 - SEBI Registered Research Analyst having experience of 27 years (@PATELWEALTH) @PATELWEALTH

851.6k subscribers Single post reach: 333.3k

4 По Блату (@Poblat) @Poblat

693.5ksubscribers Single post reach: 143k

5 СЛИВ ХАЛЯВЫ 🎁 (@sliv_halyavy) @sliv_halyavy

627.9k subscribers Single post reach: 80.2k

6 SETLANG ( @setlangnie) @setlangnie

897.1k subscribers Single post reach: 201.4k

7 Stock Ideas (@stockideaofficial) @stockideaofficial

1 million subscribers Single post reach: 107.5k

8 Online Earning Money™ (@Online_Earning_Money_cash_jobsss) @Online_Earning_Money_cash_jobsss

523.4k subscribers Single post reach: 57.2k

Adult Category

Rating Channels / Link Description
1 Amazon Prime Videos (@Amazon_Prime_Movies_Videos_India)

2.1m subscribers Single post reach: 1.3m

2 Adults•Kooku•Ullu•Desi•Bhabhi (@Adults_Kooku_Ullu_Desi_Bhabhi)

1.2m subscribers Single post reach: 632.4k

3 Desi Savita Bhabhi (@desi_Bhabhi_Desi_Aunty_Xnxxxxx)

1m subscribers Single post reach: 127.7k

4 Sunny Leone | 18+ Hot Indian Videos (@sunny_leone_hot_videos_indian_18)

1m subscribers Single post reach: 234.1k

5 GUENDALINA TAVASSI VIDEO HOT🔞 (@Guendalina_Video_Tavassi)

988.7k subscribers Single post reach: 222.7k

6 Desi Bhabhi (@Desi_Bhabhi_Call_Girl_Adult) @Desi_Bhabhi_Call_Girl_Adult

979.1k subscribers Single post reach: 152.7k

7 18+ XxxxxVideo Adult Porno (@xvideo_porno_xxxxx)

671.3k subscribers Single post reach: 424.9k


530.6k subscribers Single post reach: 92.9k

9 Hot Indian Girls videos desi 18+ @hot_indian_girls_desi_videos_18

517.5k subscribers Single post reach: 131.1k

News Category

Rating Channels / Link Description
1 MyGov Corona Newsdesk (@MyGovCoronaNewsdesk)

1.5 million subscribers Single post reach: 75.7k

2 (Rasmi) @MKNRasmi

1.3 million subscribers Single post reach: 312.4k

3 TIKVAH-ETHIOPIA (@tikvahethiopia) @tikvahethiopia

1.2 million subscribers Single post reach: 243.5k

4 Kun.uz | Расмийканал (@kunuzofficial) @kunuzofficial

1.2 million subscribers Single post reach: 404.7k

5 ТОПОР - Горячиеновости (@topor)

1.1 million subscribers Single post reach: 112.5k

6 Daryo | Rasmiykanal (@Daryo) @Daryo

591.6k subscribers Single post reach: 168.1k

7 BBCPersian

842.8k Subscribers Single post reach: 85.9k

8 CPRC Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (@cprckkm)

814.3k subscribers Single post reach: 69.5k

Music Category

Rating Channels / Link Description
1 Популярная Музыка | Песни VK (@music_muzyka) @music_muzyka

674.3k subscribers Single post reach: 121.4k

2 Buddy Музыка (@Buddy_music) @Buddy_music

497.8k subscribers Single post reach: 325.5k

3 Вайб Музыка | Мusic (@muzykaay) @muzykaay

441.2k subscribers Single post reach: 96.5k

4 🎵 MUZIKA 2021 (AAAAAEW1VRbgM8MoOs6uvw) AAAAAEW1VRbgM8MoOs6uvw

351.8k subscribers Single post reach: 76.4k

5 sad.musix | Треки | Песни (@musix_muzyka) @musix_muzyka

2 400 334.1k subscribers Single post reach: 79.3k

6 Музыка 2021 | Музика (@music_muzyka_vk)

3 300 327.4k subscribers Single post reach: 57.6k

7 ТРЕКИ из Тик-Ток 🎧 @musicx_tiktok @musicx_tiktok

1 800 300.9k subscribers Single post reach: 71.5k


288.8k subscribers Single post reach: 87.8k

Social Media Category

Rating Channels / Link Description
1 Wow, Ivleeva?! (@ivleeva360) @ivleeva360

397.1k subscribers Single post reach: 110.4k

2 Adabary Entertainment (@adabari)

771.3k subscribers Single post reach: 104.5k

3 instasamka БЕАЧ💰 (@instasamkafuckyou) @instasamkafuckyou

595k subscribers Single post reach: 293.1k

4 VIDIO BOKEP ID (@VidioBokepID) @VidioBokepID

355.8k subscribers Single post reach: 62.1k


Rating Channels / Link Description
1 FUCKТЫ (@fak_tu) @fak_tu

2.4m subscribers Single post reach: 318.2k

2 TELEGRA4CH (@of4chan) @of4chan

1.1m subscribers Single post reach: 129.1k

3 (@gizmiztel) کانالگیزمیز💯 @gizmiztel

1.1m subscribers Single post reach: 257.9k

4 نظرآنلاین📊NazarOnline (@nazaronline) @nazaronline

931.7k subscribers Single post reach: 180.5k

5 ЛеонардоДайвинчик (@leoday) @leoday

851.2k subscribers Single post reach: 89.6k

6 MDK (@mudak) @mudak

730.1k subscribers Single post reach: 142.9k

7 Че, История (@che_history1) @che_history1

629.9k subscribers Single post reach: 70.8k


Rating Channels / Link Description
1 RU|Способы путешествовать почти бесплатно (@vandroukiru) @vandroukiru

201.1k subscribers Single post reach: 35.9k

2 Ветер дует (@veter_doit) @veter_doit

155.6k subscribers Single post reach: 31.5k

3 KudaGo: Петербург (@kudagospb) @kudagospb

145.6k subscribers Single post reach: 21k

4 Being American (AAAAAEc__H1BBeR5WWbrFA) AAAAAEc__H1BBeR5WWbrFA

135.6k subscribers Single post reach: 25.5k

5 tripmydream (@tripmydream)

129.3k subscribers Single post reach: 29.1k

6 Lowcost.UA (@lowcostua)

3 500 + MP 127.1k subscribers Single post reach: 31.5k

7 National Geographic (@National_Geograph1c)

119.2k subscribers Single post reach: 21.4k


Rating Channels / Link Description
1 Wallpaper 4K 3D | والپیپر | Обои (@wallpaper_4k3d) @wallpaper_4k3d

235.5k subscribers Single post reach: 31.5k

2 SHIVAM EDITS | Full Screen HD Status (@shivam_edits) @shivam_edits

220.2k subscribers Single post reach: 118.2k

3 Длятвоихисторий❤️(@khamkas) @khamkas

203.3k subscribers Single post reach: 23.2k

4 ⌯ 𝙍𝙊𝙎𝙄𝙀 ˹🐉 @ieeo3s

153.7k subscribers Single post reach: 26.7k

5 Soulmate | Языки и ТемыдляТг (@sokhryb) @sokhryb

145.7k subscribers Single post reach: 37.1k

What Are Telegram Groups?

Telegram groups are another interesting way to build a community, it can also be a fun way to interact and keep in touch with friends and family or you might want to create one for your co-workers just to spread office gossip. To simply explain, Telegram groups are group chats that you make in the telegram application.

Telegram groups allow you to send pictures, documents, videos, gifs in all file sizes. There is no file size limit when you share a file in Telegram groups. You can address people directly in the chat by putting an @ to their names. You will also be alerted when somebody mentions you so that you never miss a message in a group with lots of back and forth messages.

You can add up to 200,000 members in a telegram group which is really huge, considering its other competitor applications.
As a group admin, you can pin important messages you want your group members to see. You can also have custom group stickers for your group members to use in the group chat, only that you must have at least 100 telegram group members to unlock this feature.

How Do These groups are different from telegram channel?

  • Telegram groups can have up to 200,000 members at the maximum while there are no limits to the number of subscribers a Telegram channel can have. (Subscribers are like followers)
  • Anyone can post in a Telegram group unless it is set to do otherwise. Only the admins can post in a Telegram channel.
  • You can only see the total number of subscribers on a Telegram channel but you can’t find the individual accounts of your fellow subscribers unless you’re an admin. On a Telegram group, you can see everyone else in the group and chat with them privately.
  • People on Telegram groups are referred to as members while those on a channel are called subscribers. You join a group, you subscribe to a channel.
  • As an admin of a Telegram channel, you can see insight on your posts to see what content works and doesn’t. On a Telegram group, you can’t get detailed information on this.
  • On a Telegram channel, an admin can’t restrict older messages to new members. Telegram group admins can use this feature.
  • You can run polls on Telegram groups as your group members can interact but on Telegram channels, you can’t because the subscribers have no say in what goes on in the channel, they only consume the content.
  • On Telegram channels an admin has to create a discussion chat for subscribers to be able to communicate or discuss a particular topic, there is no need for that in a Telegram group.

How Do I Find Groups On Telegram?

The easiest way to find groups on Telegram is in Telegram. It’s as easy as going to the search icon in the app and typing Telegram groups, but you’re most likely looking for something more precise so here’s our advice on how to find and join telegram groups that share the same interests you might have.

Combot.org – Combot is a chatbot that works well with Telegram and the best telegram groups use this, if you click the link to the website you can find all the telegram groups that use it and they are sorted by the language used in the group and the number of group members in the chat.

Geo Chat Feature – In June 2019 Telegram released an update on the app that allows you to create or join chat groups based on locality. Surprisingly, this feature isn’t used enough by consumers. This feature was designed to work like an open wifi or hotspot where everyone who’s around the environment of the admin can join in the group chat. This is a really fun way to find people with shared interests around you. To use this feature – 

  • Open your app and type tap on the menu icon top left of your screen.
  • Click on people nearby
  • You will find a list of nearby users and public telegram groups
  • Pick anyone you would like to join

Invite Link – Ask a group member to send you an invite link from the group.

Tdirectory( tdirectory.me ) – This website has a catalogue of all the groups channel and bots available in telegram.

Top 100 Telegram Groups Available


Rating Channels / Link Description

They are as of now 199,999 members. They are interested in the crypto business and send information. How to join the telegram group is by clicking on the link above. CoinMarketCap official Telegram group. 🚀 Join our crypto community ...

2 KUCOIN EXCHANGE (@Kucoin_Exchange)

Has 191,975 members interested in crypto currency Official English group of KuCoin – a global cryptocurrency exchange telegram group.

3 BINANCE ENGLISH (@BinanceExchange)

163,344 members Binance announcements: @binance_announcements Other Languages are also used here.

4 PANCAKESWAP (@PancakeSwap)

104,449 members

5 Bitcoin Zamani Topluluk

41, 771 members @bitcoinzamanitopluluk

6 BINANCE RUSSIAN (@BinanceRussian)

99,543 members

7 CRYPTO ROYALS (@cryptoroyalschat)

33,501 members

8 Binance Russian

108,283 members @BinanceRussian

9 Baby Doge Coin

189,755 members @babydogecoin

10 TradeCoinVietNam

85,029 members @vietnamtradecoin

11 Matic Network

38200 members This group provides secure, scalable & instant transactions for everyone. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain. @MaticNetwork

12 CWN Crypto Chat

154,000 members @CryptoChatCWN

13 EOE Coin

11,000 members @EOSCN


Rating Channels / Link Description
1 ٠•●♥️ 𝑪𝒊𝒕� ( @onlinedating2020)

119,516 members Conoce a tu media naranja y haznuevasamistades. An online dating group that may lead you to your future partner

2 ENGLISH CHAT (@englishchattinggrp)

They have a total of 13,253 members. They chat to build up relationships. 📌Chat in English only 📌Add your friends 📌No religious talks

3 HOTBIT ENGLISH (@Hotbit_English)

139,155 members

4 USA Love and Marriage (@usadateworld)

A group chat to find love. This group has 8281 members.

5 Girls chatting group @girls_chatting_grohp

49700 members

6 Tinder Chat Global Dating @tinderru

16,300 members

7 International Friends @best_chat_group

16,850 members

Stock Market Groups

Rating Channels / Link Description
1 LABS GROUP (@labsgroupio)

59,650 members LABS is a Digitised Real Estate Investment Ecosystem.

2 🇨🇺CUBA🛍️COMPRA💰V (@Cuba_Ventas)

A total of 194,081 members


2,868 members The group is a platform to share verified job opportunities.

Rating Channels / Link Description

153,074 members You can get freaky in this group.

2 Hang out @Hangout02

11,800 group members. World wide chat.

3 The Naughty Room @eroscam_group


4 Queens @pfff_lesbi

Get sexy photos and videos 13,800 members

5 Indian Girls @indiangirlsgroups

20,800 members Indian chat group to make friends and find date.

6 SG Nasi Lemak @SexyCh1

22,500 members Best group to watch high quality teen and anal sex videos.

7 Tinder Group @Tinder_Group

9,400 members Sex talk and porn video sharing Telegram group.

Social Media

Rating Channels / Link Description
1 International friends club

60,556 members @international_english_chattings

2 Viral Tiktok Group

109,965 members @viraltiktokgroups

3 Anonymous Chat Group

194,450 members @AnonymousChatGroupTiga

Funny Telegram Groups

Rating Channels / Link Description
1 Funny Clips Group link to only share or view Funny stuff

@Greatclips Clips and GIfs. 27300 members

2 Memes

Funny Telegram group to share jokes. @dirtymemes4 2700 members

3 Fun chatting group English Fun.

@English_Fun Group 20100 members Only Hindi & English Language. Telegram group to share Funny videos, Gifs Images.

4 Comedy Group

@memes_comedy 8400 members


@chatterboxenglish 50600 members Telegram group chat to share memes.

6 XDA Memes Community

@memes_xda 205,830 members

7 Share Darky Memes

@sharedarkmemes 4240 members

8 Nuclear Memes Community

@nuclearmemes 26527 members

Photography Groups

Rating Channels / Link Description
1 MI Photography Club

Explore the capability of your Xiaomi phone and your photography skills. 5500 members

2 Pocophone Photography

@PocoPhone 12425 members English Only, Camera related info.

3 Zenphone Photography Official

@Zenfone Photography 3460 members

4 Xiaomeme Photography

@XiaoMeme Photography 4169 members

5 RN4 Photography

@rn4photography 24291 members

6 Remi Note 7 and Pro

@RedmiNote7ProPhotographRN7P 3191 members

Music Telegram Group

Rating Channels / Link Description

@tamilflacsong 4789 members


@tgmusicland 4400 members

Technology Groups

Rating Channels / Link Description
1 Android Talk

android @TelegramAndroidTalk Language: English SFW: Yes 4733 members

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What Are Telegram Bots

Bots were released on Telegram on June 24, 2015. Bots are programs written to have human-like behaviour. Telegram bots are software or programs on the application written to act in place of humans on the app.

A telegram bot can send broadcast messages, integrate with other services on the app and some outside of Telegram. They can send pictures, gifs, interact with other bots, find a date, set a reminder, create stickers (sticker bot), search for information using images, they can even be added to Telegram groups. These bots are so good you can use them to source content from YouTube, Wiki, IMDB etc. A custom telegram bot can also be made according to the needs of the creator.

Telegram bots are one of a kind and Telegram is probably the only messaging app that uses bots so openly. It was made entirely with the users in mind. Telegram bots like all bots are limited in what they can do, although it has very impressive features it is only a bot and that means it relies on human instructions to run effectively or to even run at all.

Where You Can Find Telegram Bots

An easy way to find a Telegram bot is by typing the bot’s name in the search tab. So you can easily find pre-made bots by other users and you can start to enjoy the functions they provide. Below we will provide you with a Telegram bot list of the most popular and useful Telegram bots in 2021.

How Do Telegram Bots Work?

Bots are third-party applications that have been integrated into Telegram as API. An API is like an agreement between software. API’s were created to make sure computer programs are continuously able to communicate with each other.
Users can interact with telegram bots by sending them messages as you would send to any regular person, through commands if you know how to code and inline requests which is done when you “@” the telegram bot’s name and the info you wish to find or the request you require from the telegram not. You control your bots using encrypted requests to your Telegram Bots API.

When a user sends a message, command or request, It is sent to the software running on the user’s available server. Telegram has an intermediary server that handles all encryption and communication with the Telegram API for you. You communicate with this server through a basic HTTPS interface that offers a simplified version of the Telegram API. That is what is known as the Telegram Bot API.

These small programs are found on the servers and we can send information to them at any time to get a variety of different functionalities for the Telegram bot to use in the application. Many of the programs can easily be developed by anyone who will take the time to acquire basic knowledge and is motivated to get it done. Telegram has published documentation that clearly explains how to create a Telegram bot to be used in their application.

How You Can Create a Bot

Planning to create your Telegram bot?. Don’t worry, We’ve got you.

So you like the sound of having your bot, there’s just a ring to saying the words “I made a bot”. Congratulations you’re about to be the next computer genius, at least almost!.

Ironically, to build a Telegram bot you need to use another bot;

Bot Father 

Bot father was developed by some students in Europe. Bot father can be used to automate games, and other tasks, it can teach you how to code, you can use it to test websites and applications, you can also use it to learn about AI.

To create a Telegram bot with Bot Father, you need to take the following steps -:

  • Open telegram and then go to search bar on the top and search for Bot father
  • Choose this one the verified one.
  • Read the instructions in the chat
  • Click Start
  • Click /newbotto create a new bot
  • Choose a name for your Telegram bot and click send
  • Choose a ‘username’ for your bot and hit send (please note that the name must end with ‘bot’).
  • Congratulations, you have created your first Telegram bot!

Now that you’ve created your Telegram bot all that’s left for you to do is to set up automated messages or set up instructions on what you need your bot to do. I mean, we’re all born for a purpose right?.

How Bots Are Different From Humans?

You might want to figure out what your new chat buddy looks like, or you might just be wondering who the new guy in the Telegram group with all the best memes is, well sorry to disappoint you. He isn’t from Kentucky or Russia, it’s a Telegram Bot. Here are different ways to figure it out.

Firstly, all Telegram Bots can’t have a timestamp as they are not a real user or operating on an actual mobile device or PC. You will see ‘bot’ in place of the area that usually shows the last seen time of the user.

Remember that Telegram bots are not real users that have created an account on a phone or PC device so they do not have a declared storage space which means that they have to run on a cloud server. Telegram has more than 8 million downloads and if you account for 10% only to have created just 1 bot each, that’s 800 thousand Telegram Bots to run on a cloud server. Besides this costing millions to run effectively, it will also mean that the cloud server will be more likely to shut down or have maintenance issues.

Don’t worry your Telegram bot will automatically delete older messages that you have read or used. For example, if your Telegram bot has received documents in a chat and you have downloaded it. Then maybe your Telegram bot receives videos next, older files that have been used or saved on your device will be deleted from the cloud server, it’s almost like a Google reverse backup. All these happen because Telegram bots have limited cloud storage. Human to Human chats don’t get deleted unless the user deletes them quite obviously.

Bots can’t start chats or conversations voluntarily, they need a human to initiate a chat with them. They can’t join Telegram groups even if they wanted to, a user will have to add them. Other users can search for your Telegram bot on the app and begin a conversation.

The username of a Telegram bot will always end in bot. Like how Polish people just love every name to end with ski, hmmm maybe they are bots too. Telegram bots won’t automatically read all messages in a group chat, for safety purposes and also to save memory. A bot can be addressed in a Telegram group by searching the link with t.me/ or simply by searching the bot user name in the Telegram app.

Movies & Series Bots

Tgmovies Bot – tgmovies bot is a Telegram bot that was created in January 2018 by user ‘Pirate Man’. This bot can understand several languages like English, Hindi, Kannada, Korean, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu so you can easily download Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

Ipapkorn Bot -ipapkorn is a Telegram bot that was created in June 2021 by Telegram user ‘Kelvin Crag’. This bot can find any movie on the internet without needing to leave the Telegram app.

Subtitle Downloader Bot – This Telegram bot allows you to easily download subtitles for movies or tv series. The really good thing about this bot is that you can download subtitles in every language.

Music Bots

Spotify Bot – Spotify bot allows you to search and listen to any song, as long as it’s on the Spotify database. You can also log in to your Spotify account and add your library to listen to your favourite music.

YouTube To Mp3 Bot – As the name goes, this bot will allow you to convert YouTube videos into audio files. Just send the link to the bot and it will do the rest.

Gaming Bots

Game Bot – This bot is one of Telegram’s official bots, with Gamebot you can play games in chats just like message or snap chat. It can also provide you links to a couple of beta games so that you can test them out.

Trivia Bot – Trivia games are games like the show “Who wants to be a Millionaire” where the player has to choose the right answer to a question from the list of answers provided with the question. You can add this bot to Telegram groups or just play in the chat with your friends and best each other’s high scores.

Cryptocurrency Bots

CoinTrendz Crypto Bot – CoinTrendz is a crypto Telegram bot that allows you to get crypto information as it happens. You can see all the latest prices, cryptocurrency news updates, crypto volume information, Top cryptocurrencies taking profits and top losers. You can also get top crypto analysis through this bot. This bot has over 12,000 users.

Conclusions With FAQs

You would agree that there’s a lot you can do with Telegram, many more things you could learn. If you have any questions we hope to answer some of them through these FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


What will happen if I delete a Telegram message?
Answer – 
If a message is deleted in a channel, all your subscribers won’t be able to see it anymore.

How do I add people to my channel?
Answer –
You will have to invite your first 200 subscribers then your channel will have its link and username users can add to easily join.

Are Telegram bots safe?
Answer –
Yes. Bots are safe to interact with.

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