Telegram new update 5.13 – New Theme Editor, Send When Online..

Written by Tomer Drey

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Telegram new update 5.13 – New Theme Editor, Send When Online..

Hey, Telegram Fans, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying Telegram messager. In the new year, Telegram comes with a unique year gift as a Telegram new update 5.13. This post is a detailed explanation of all the new features of Telegram. Let’s have a short look at the features list.

Telegram new update 5.13 Features List: 

  • Theme Editor 2.0
  • New Predefined Colors
  • Send When Online
  • Improved Venue Sharing
  • View Search Results as a List
  • Podcast and Audiobook Support

New on Android 

  • Switch to Night Mode Faster
  • Sleek New Animations
  • Select Parts of Messages
  • Multi-sharing from Other Apps
  • Mark Archive as Read
  • And Other Android Goodies

New on iOS

  • Text Size, All the Way
  • Choose Your Browser
  • Share Sheet Settings
  • Switch Accounts Faster
  • Storage Usage At a Glance
  • Cache-Clearing Shortcuts
  • Member Lists: The Shorter Scrolls

So Telegram introduced a vast list of new and exciting features. Below we will read all the elements in detail. Or we will try to understand how we can use them.

Verifiable Builds

We know Telegram is an open-source messaging service. Since 2013, Telegram allows independent researchers to verify the integrity of end-to-end encryption and also helps look for vulnerabilities or backdoors.

According to Telegram –

“As of this update, Telegram becomes the first messaging app to allow you to independently verify that the code on GitHub is the same code that was used to build the app you downloaded from App Store or Google Play.”

It is all about correct builds. Now its time to explore all one by one. Let’s start with the first one.

Telegram new Update 5.13 – New Theme Editor, Send When Online

Theme Editor 2.0

Using the theme editor 2.0 in Chat Settings (or Appearance Settings on iOS), we can quickly jerk the style of components in Telegram chats and add outstanding gradients to both your messages and your background. Switch between tabs (Main Color, Background, My Messages).

After you have done editing, You can also quickly share it with your friends. And this new update also includes a new lot of patterns.

New Predefined Color’s

They have added a large quantity of new predefined color schemes for Telegram’s default themes. You can try the new options under Classic, Night, Day, etc.

Send When Online

The most exciting feature introduced by Telegram, Send when online. That’s mean now you can schedule your when the recipient comes online. Sound cool!

Note – that this option is only available if you are allowed to see your recipient’s online status. You can still sneak out of bed without anyone noticing.

Improved Venue Sharing

Telegram updated its Location sharing function to make finding venues easier. You can now tap a place directly on the map to select it, rather than scrolling through a list of all the power converter purveyors in Tosche Station.

View Search Results as a List

The Search function allows you to jump between messages quickly. Tapping the bottom bar will now switch to the list view in case you want to see all the results on one page.

Podcast and Audio-book Support

Telegram apps will remember your last position when resuming playback of audio files longer than 20 minutes. If you’d like to make podcasts get to the point a little faster, try the new 2x button. On iOS, you can skip forward and back with high-precision scrubbing: hold on the progress bar and slide your finger down, then left or right.

New On Android

Switch to Night Mode Faster

Now you can switch to node mode faster than ever. You can tap on the moon icon on the top menu to switch to dark mode. Now the map view is also available in a mysterious way. On iOS, colored maps turn on and off with the system’s dark mode. Speaking of which, they recently added the option to sync your Telegram theme with system dark mode on iOS 13.

Select Parts of Messages

After iOS now, Android users also can select a part of the message. For this, you have to choose a letter and long press on a word which you to decide.

Multi-sharing from Other Apps

Telegram promises the most comfortable sharing feature ever.  You can share any content from any with single or multiple accounts. You can also add a comment during the sharing of messages.

Mark Archive as Read

Have so many unread messages in the archive section. Don’t worry; Now you can mark all as read in just a single tap. For this feature, just long-press on archive chats label, then a new popup will appear.

  1. Mark all as read.
  2. Hide above the list.

Just tap on 1st option and enjoy it.

And Other Android Goodies

  1. You can сhoose video quality more intuitively when sending videos.
  2. Sending contacts now uses a simple, card-style interface that won’t take up your whole screen (unless you pull up to expand it).

New on iOS

Text Size, All the Way

You’ve been able to adjust the size of the message text on Telegram from the beginning, but now you can scale the font size throughout the app.

Choose your Browser

On iOS, now, external browsers are supported. Now you can select an external browser to open a link from Telegram. To choose to go to the Settings > Data and Storage > Other.

Share Sheet Settings

Your most beloved Telegram chats were added to the iOS Share Sheet. In case you‘d like to control what can (or can’t ) seem there, you can practice the new toggles under Settings > Data and Storage > Other > Share Sheet.

Switch Between Accounts Faster

As we now Telegram allow up to 3 accounts with logout them. You can switch one to another with log out or sign again and again. Now in iOS, you can switch between accounts faster than ever.  You don’t need to open the app to switch, just long-press on app icon and tap on switch accounts.

Telegram also added features of direct clear cache and the shorter scroller members list. SO, This is all about the Telegram new update 5.13. And also Happy New Year to all from the TTC team. Stay happy and enjoy this winter season.

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