Telegram Quiz Bot Guide

Written by Tomer Drey

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Telegram Quiz Bot Guide

A quiz is a way that we use to test our ability or our knowledge. In Telegram channels and groups, people are want to create quizzes for their users. In the poll, 2.0 update Telegram launched a new poll feature. Now admin can create a quiz, as well as multiple-choice answers. In this user guide, we will learn all about Telegram quiz bot, So that we named it Telegram Quiz Bot Guide.

Telegram Quiz Bot Tutorial

It is time to start our step by step guide/tutorial to create a quiz in Telegram with the help of official Telegram quiz bot. So what you are waiting for, start from now. Create a Telegram channel and share quizzes with your audience. I hope you will enjoy this excellent article, let’s go.

Know the purposes to use a Telegram quiz bot?

If you are a Telegram channel or group admin and owner, then this bot is very helpful for you. There are several reasons to start this bot, but we will try to point them in short. Let’s start-

  1. You can use it for educational purposes, like GK quizzes, Mock tests, Exam preparations, etc.
  2. To organize a kind of poll or survey in your group for a product, company, etc.
  3. You can use it for giveaways also.
  4. For group and channel feedback, etc.

What is a Telegram Quiz Bot?

“Telegram quiz bot is a bot that is created by Telegram to create a quiz with multiple questions or to attach text/media before any question. So, we can create quizzes with images, text, and multiple questions as well.”

It is a type of bot that is launched by Telegram in their new poll 2.0 update. We can create quizzes with the help of this quiz bot. Naturally, with the single poll feature, we can create an only question as a quiz type. We are not able to create multiple queries in a quiz, and then this bot comes in-game. We will learn more about it in the pros and cons section.

What are the features of the Telegram quiz bot?

TQB(Telegram quiz bot) has some handy features in its first version. Let’s discuss some of them –

  1. Quiz with multiple questions.
  2. Add media/text before any questions.
  3. Set a title and description for our quiz.
  4. Quiz editing.
  5. Quiz sharing.
  6. Quiz stats and Anonymous quizzes.

Now you know how useful it is. We can customize our quiz as we want. On the other side, when we think of doing that kind of thing with a simple poll, this is impossible for that. Have patience; we will explore it in depth. Now getting what is going on, It’s ok just read the full article. I promise you will be a Telegram quiz pro after reading this guide.

Pros and Cons of Telegram Quiz Bot.

  • It allows us to create multiple questions quiz.
  • It enhances the quiz poll feature of the Telegram.
  • Provide facility to create title and description of the quiz.
  • User can add media/text or can create images quiz. (for math or image puzzles, etc.)
  • It provides accessible sharing features to share in channels, groups, and personal contact.
  • Easy to edit the quiz and its questions and options for those questions.
  • Easy to edit the quiz and its questions and options for those questions.
  • Anonymous poll and visible poll feature also included, etc.
  • It will take a few more minutes to create a poll as compersion to a regular survey.
  • It has limited operating commands.
  • Delete command is not available.

How to create a quiz using Telegram Quiz Bot?

Step 1: Open the Telegram app and search for “quiz bot.”

Here you can see Telegram official Quiz bot appearing at the first position. Now select this bot and click on the start button.

Step 2: Give Command /newquiz.

Step 3: Add Title for your quiz.

After the new quiz command, you have to set the title for your quiz. Here I given tile of my quiz is “Title- Telegram Quiz Bot Guide.”

Step 4: Set a description of your quiz.

After the title, it’s time to add a short description of your quiz. Here I said Telegram quiz bot description – A step by step guide to learn Telegram quiz bot. This step is optional, and you skip this by /skip command.

Step 5: Add alternate text before a question.

Step 6: Create a question.

This step is crucial because here, we have to set a question for our quiz. Here we have three main options to fill, let’s learn.

  1. Set your question here.
  2. Add the options to your question.
  3. Tick mark on the right option.

After applying these steps, just click on the create button. You will also get the Anonymous voting button; just left it as it is.

Here in the image, you can see our created question of the quiz. After creating an item will get a message which will be –

“Good. Your quiz ‘Title – Telegram Quiz Bot Guide’ now has 1 question. If you made a mistake in the question, you could go back by sending /undo. Now send the next item – or some text or media that will be shown before it. When done, simply send /done to finish creating the quiz.”

So, here we added just one question for the demo, you can add as many as you want. After adding all items, give command /done.

Step 7: Set a time limit and Shuffle. 

After /done command, we have to choose a time limit for our question. A user will be able to answer in given time only. Here I selected 15 sec. You can select any time from the available time slot.

We recommend using longer timers only if your quiz involves complex problems (like math, etc.). For most trivia-like examinations, 10-30 seconds are more than enough.

After time limits, a new message will come – Shuffle questions and answer options? You have to choose yes/no.

Choose Yes – If you want to show you questions in random order.

Choose No – If you want to show in creation order.

Step 8: Quiz Creation is completed. 

Whoa, We created a quiz in just seven steps. In the above image, you can see the exam created. Our Quiz title is “Title- Telegram Quiz Bot Guide,” description and time limit.

How to edit a quiz?

Sometimes we have to edit our image due to some errors or to change any setting of question. So in this situation, what we have to do? Just rewrite your quiz, Yes it is possible. Let’s understand how we can edit an examination?

  1. Click on edit image – In the above image, you can edit the quiz button. It will appear when you create a quiz or to select a quiz. You can simply select a quiz by command /quizzes from many quizzes.
  2. Select an option that you want to edit – After step 1, you will get many opportunities to write.
    • Edit Questions – You can edit all these options easily. As we created a quiz, all steps are the same.
    • Edit title.
    • Edit Description.
    • Edit timer settings.
    • Edit Shuffle setting.
  3. Click on the back button.

We have done it. Through these simple steps, we can edit our quizzes.

How to share a quiz?

Now we know how to create a quiz & how to edit an examination. It’s time to learn how to share our created quiz in groups, channels, and our contacts.

To share in groups:

  1. Select share quiz in group option – As we selected edit quiz, this option is also available there. Just click on it.
  2. Choose a group in which you want to share.

To share with channel and contacts:

  1. Click on Share quiz – This option is available below the share quiz in-group button.
  2. Select a targeted conversation – It can be an individual contact or a channel.

You did it, Awesome we finished a step by step guide of Telegram Quiz Bot Guide.

Our Concluding Words

Thanks to readers to reach here, in the above section, we learned how to use a Telegram quiz bot. We explained every step necessary to advance. Our intention behind this guide is to help group/channels admins to create a quiz easily and very fast.

The most popular use of the questionnaires is for educational purpose. So we covered this topic in depth. Till you have any doubts and questions regarding the Telegram quiz bot, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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