Telegram Video Calls – How to Activate Group Video Calling?

Written by Tomer Drey

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Telegram Video Calls – How to Activate Group Video Calling?

Video calling is one of the most useful features people look for. It has become a very important necessity to have such a feature in your application. The question now arises: Is the video call function currently available on the Telegram application? Currently, the official Telegram Messenger only has an audio call function. But there’s something else to know.

I recently got a response from one of our followers who asked me: How do I make a video call using Telegram? So I think he must be a new user, otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked me that question. Because this function is currently very simple, everyone thought that Telegram could also be equipped with it. But the answer is no, because the Telegram application doesn’t have a video call function at the moment, but I have to say that you will definitely see it in the future.

If you want to know when Telegram will implement this feature in its official application and how it will do so, be with us, and in this article, we will cover everything in detail and depth.

Let’s dive in and find out.

Does my Telegram contain a video call?

No, the official Telegram application does not currently have a video call function built into the messenger. So it is a no-no for Telegram users who want to make video calls with their Telegram application.

But don’t worry, Telegram’s development team is planning to develop such a device in the coming months due to popular demand from the crowd. Fortunately, it seems that we will find such a feature for video calls or group video calls in future updates.

Can I make a video call on Telegram?

Yes, video calls are possible in the Telegram application, but not in the official version. Instead, you can use the alternative – Videogram.

These alternatives, like. Videogram and others have this function, which can now be used. And if you’re one of those who want to try, go ahead and find out for yourself. And don’t forget to comment on your experience below so that others can also benefit from it.

How do I make a video call with Telegram Messenger?

As mentioned before, the video call function is currently not available on Telegram Messenger. But yes, you can make an audio call in the application very efficiently. Again, if you wish, you can record the message in video format and send it to your loved ones.

Just point your camera at the message you want to send and send the recorded video via the Telegram application. It will look more like a video message than a normal video call. However, as this function is not available, this solution still works.

Telegram Adding secure group videos calling Later this Year

It is good news for us Telegram users that we get the long-awaited group video call feature in Telegram messenger. According to official information, the development team is currently only working on this position. And later this year we will look at the video call feature that will be performed in the regular Messenger.

Currently, other applications that enable video or group video calling have many security issues. Because the end-to-end encryption used by these applications is unreliable, any unsolicited user can easily connect to video calls.

With this in mind, developers are developing a more secure video calling feature that is really needed right now.

So we hope that by the end of the year we will also receive this video call in the official Telegram messenger. Let’s hope he’s safer than the others.

In a Telegram blog post, promised to add support for group video calling later this year, which will also be available in the security feature:

Let me quote what the officials said on the subject: –

What’s next, can you ask? The current global lockout has underlined the need for a robust video communication tool. The video calls in 2020 will be similar to the news in 2013. There are applications that are safe or useful, but not both. We want to tackle this problem and will focus on securing group video calls by 2020.

When is the video call function implemented in the Telegram application?

By the end of the year, the Telegram application will allow video calls and group video calls. According to the data, Telegram has always made it clear that it offers the best quality, speed, and safety to its messenger. They need time.

Here, too, we must expect a lot of innovation from Telegram, because they always try to implement useful functions.

How can a Telegram get better than its competitors?

Telegram, which is a free instant messenger, always prefers more useful functions for the users. They, too, want their application and its functionality to be safer and more reliable. Let’s see what the characteristics of video calls are.


Like Telegram calls and other functions, the video call or group video call function will be safer than the competition. While the developers here are testing the end-to-end encryption of this video communication feature more than once to make it more secure. And the audio Telegram call is an example of what awaits us.


As always, the video call function has a speed of Superfast. They plan to expand this feature so that users can make video calls even on a slower network. They use the best video and audio codecs to save traffic while delivering the highest quality.

Telegram always tries to use the server closest to the user to make the video call as quickly as possible. Compared to its competitors, Telegram has a globally distributed infrastructure, and these servers are also used for video calls.

Telegram will implement AI-powered

AI-powered technology to make video calls. This allows you to optimize many parameters, automatically improving the video quality of the call on any device and on any network.

Telegram calls are already doing better than other available providers, now they just repeat themselves with video calls. All these thanks to the integrated machine learning function.

Can you make video calls with a Telegram?

At the moment there is no way to make video calls via Telegram. However, this video call feature is under development and can be implemented in the application later this year.

Is the video Telegram call secure?

Yes, just like the audio Telegram calling function, the video Telegram calling function will also be secure. Many new technologies are also being introduced to ensure this safety.

How do you use the Telegram videos?

Video Call Wire is currently not available, but yes, you can use the Video Call Wire feature and record video on your device. Later you can send the saved video to your friends or family.

Is there a group call on Telegram?

No, there are currently no group calls in Telegram. But it is certain that we will get this functionality in the near future. Telegram Video conferencing by Telegram also becomes reality.

Telegram limit video call group

When the video call function is activated, there is no time limit for the group call. Everything will be unlimited. This means you can enjoy video calling with your friends.


Very soon the video call will become reality. And with that, we can certainly expect other interesting properties. In this article, we have discussed the function of video calling in Telegram App in detail.

Again, there are many things related to the video call of the Telegraaf Group. I’ve given you everything you need to know and understand. I’ll update it in the future if I find anything more informal about it.

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