Telegram vs Telegram X – Which Messenger is Better?

Written by Tomer Drey


Telegram vs Telegram X – Which Messenger is Better?

Telegram X is an improved version of the original application with new experimental functions. But is the X-Telegram better than a traditional application?

Which is better: the traditional Telegram or the Telegram X? You are already familiar with Telegram, the most popular messaging application. The Telegram offers special features, including self-destructing messages, the ability to modify messages already sent and lock discussions with a password, secret discussions using end-to-end encryption, meaning that no one but the sender and receiver can read the messages.

It is also cloud-based, which means that messages can be sent and retrieved from multiple devices, including desktops. Telegram currently has more than 200 million users, making it one of the most popular messengers on the market.

Recently, in January of this year, Telegram launched a new and improved version, Telegram X, which would be considerably faster and smoother than the original application.

The X-Telegram is completely separate from the main Telegram and is based on a new codebase. It contains all the basic messaging functions of the Telegram application, but there are also a few additional new features.

These include a bubble-free message view that enlarges photos to life-size, a new preview feature that lets you touch and hold any chat to view new messages, and new shortcut gestures that let you quickly switch between tabs.

Telegram Vs Telegram X Comparison

Is Telegram X better than Telegram? We know all the cool features of Telegram, but you might be surprised by the new features of Telegram X, which are different from the original application.

Here I will compare Telegram X and Telegram, after reading them you will be able to conclude which one is best for you.

1. User Interface

When you open Telegram X, the first thing you notice is that the interface of the home screen is slightly different from that of the regular Telegram application, so that Telegram users will feel familiar when they use it.

In the Telegram application, call options are listed in the chat menu and call history in the main menu, while in the Telegram X application, chats and calls are separated by tabs similar to another popular messenger, WhatsApp.

The other big difference between the two is the possibility to view the images in the X-version without creating fields on the images. This makes the image much more convenient and full screen compared to Telegram, where the image is sent with a frame that makes it much smaller in the chat.

The speed of the X application is significantly higher, as the movements between menus and chats are smoother and faster than in the original Telegram application.

2. Night Mode | Dark Mode

The X-Telegram has a special Night Mode tab in the left menu, from where you can access it directly when you need it. However, there is no night mode option in Telegram, but you can switch to dark mode via the theme in the settings for an identical effect.

The amazing thing about this function is that it automatically switches to night mode thanks to the light sensor technology used.

3. Bubbles Mode

Another new feature in application X is the Bubbles mode, which is not available in the Telegram application. This mode provides more space in the chat for better placement of text and media in messages and mimics the default display of messages in the form of a text balloon.

4. Saved Messages

One of the interesting features of X is the storage of messages. Here the X-Telegram gives you quick access to all your shared files, messages, and media documents. And all these things are entered into the X application.

It will be easier for us to retrieve our stored messages much faster than with a Telegram sending application. To search for saved messages in the Telegram application, you need to follow several steps by clicking on the Saved Messages icon and then clicking on the Bookmarks tab in the drop-down menu.

5. New Gestures

Several new removal gestures have been added to the chats. You can drag and drop left or right in the call list to switch between chats or calls. If you slide to the right, you can share the mail, and if you slide to the left, you can answer it.

Another function X has a preview of the chat page, this function has the possibility to view the content of the chat page without opening it. You can do this by clicking and dragging on any chat room and waiting for a new message to appear at the top of the call list.

In fact, this function is a more interesting type of Ghost Mode in Telegram. This way you can read the message without opening the chat page to see the received messages without checking this message.

This function works not only for individual or group calls but is also available on the Calls tab. You can also get a number of options such as mute, pause, delete and open at the bottom of the preview.

We hope to have clarified all important properties of the new X Telegram and made a detailed comparison between the Telegram and Telegram X. If you like the features of version X, you should switch from Telegram to this application and tell us about your experience with this application.

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