What are some of the best channels on Telegram?

So many people’s are looking for What are some of the best channels on Telegram? Today in this article, I am going to share some of the best channels on Telegram.

Okay, let’s start with the beginning of the topic. After 2017, Telegram getting so much hike in user base. People’s are moving on Telegram after Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Telegram has a ton of new and exciting feature which are attracting users day by day. The big reason is Telegram features.

What are some of the best channels on Telegram.

Now discuss What are some of the best channels on Telegram? Honestly, it’s complicated to say this one is a best or top channel on Telegram. But according to their users and their content quality, I will try to share some are bests of best.

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Note: Below shared all channels are bests of best. We are not claiming these are only best available on Telegram. But our team find that these are the most popular and best quality content providers on Telegram.

How to join: If you want to join any channel from the below list, then click on the channel name. Enjoy 🙂

What are some of the best channels on Telegram?

Now it’s time to share a list of best channels on Telegram. I hope it will help you.

Telegram Channels Name
Short Description
Like you Bro
One of the most popular channel for jokes and memes. It provides a daily basis of funny memes and jokes.
Quotes and facts in English
Here, you will find a collection of fabulous and inspirational words which may help you to stay positive.
Telegram Geeks
Some people’s calling it’s secret Telegram army, but we don’t. We like its content and activeness.
One of the best channel to get ebooks. All Educational Subjects eBooks & Notes. Especially for Indian students for UPSC Examination.
Books Mania
A random collection of knowledge, books for students, teachers and readers.
Word Porn
Most underrated channel on Telegram. Here you will get images with motivational messages.
Indian Books
This channel is primarily for Indian readers. But I suggest you visit it once and feel the quality of its content. You will find books on general topics as well as social issues related.
Engineering Ebooks
It’s share all engineering ebooks for students. Also, you can request for books.
In this channel, you will find all science-related videos, photos and international projects details.
Programmer Jokes
This channel will serve you daily programmer jokes. Feel free to laugh.
Ask me
It’s a general knowledge-based channel. They will share the question and answer with you.
TED talks
TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world.
BBC News
Get All world news in one place. A well-known and world-famous news agency BBC channel.
Telegram News
Official Telegram news channels for Telegram updates. This channel share Telegram news, bug and stickers.
Sky Sports football
Sky Sports Football official channel. Get the latest news, watch match highlights and follow for exclusive content.
Cricket Channel
Feeds and Updates about Cricket.
News and info from the Linux world. One of the best channel for Linux lovers.
Stickers Channel
Channel for Telegram stickers. Thousands of Telegram stickers collection.
Hindi new Movies
One of the best channel on the Telegram world to download movies, online series etc.
Inspiring Images
Most subscribed channel for motivational or inspiring images.

So, guys, these are some of the best channels on Telegram. I told you above these are the best of best, and you don’t need to believe blindly in my words. Once visit all of them and then share your feedback in the comment section how these are?


Above I shared almost 20 Telegram channels which are best in their category or niche. I also subscribed many of them on this list, because these are very useful and focused. I believe you will also love my list of some of the best channels on Telegram.

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