What are Telegram Admins and their Rights?

Written by Tomer Drey

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What are Telegram Admins and their Rights?

If you are a member of a group or channel, you may have encountered the term administrator at some point. Maybe you have then thought in your head about what these directors are and what functions they perform.

You may have searched for it online, but due to lack of information, this question remained unanswered. So, in order to provide you with detailed information about these directors, I have written this memo, which mainly deals with the true meaning of directors or stewards, their functions, powers, and working methods. Read to the end and you’ll be amazed at the amazing capabilities of the Telegram chain managers.

Each Telegram Group needs certain members to effectively support and control the group. The creator alone cannot control everything if there are more members of the group. In order to share his group management work in the Telegram application, the creator gave extra powers to create an administrator.

This unique feature is very useful for a designer. In addition, the creator assigns tasks to the appropriate administrators (managers).

One can say that the administrators are the second owners of the groups or Telegram transmitters. Depending on their actions, only the group or channel flourishes. It is therefore the duty and responsibility of the maker to choose the most active and effective director for the group. Only then can the group function smoothly.

The power of Telegram channel admins?

In fact, the creator of the channel can send messages, delete all messages, add members (only the first 200), delete members, change the channel name, profile picture and link and completely delete the channel.

By default, all these powers are given to the creator. So we can say the Creator is everything in every chain or group he has created. In addition, the creator can also add and remove administrators to help manage the channel or group.

Creators can configure administrator permissions for each individual administrator when assigning these permissions to a specific channel or group.

Thanks to a recent update of the Telegram application, the Telegram outside team has increased the maximum size of the supergroups to 100,000 members each. With a large number of users or group members, it becomes difficult for channel or group owners to manage the channel effectively. To solve this problem, channel owners can appoint administrators to manage the group and channel smoothly.

Let’s discuss some of the characteristics or powers of the group directors

Members search

Administrators can also search for members in their channels. With a large number of members in the group it is difficult to find a specific member. In order to find a member of the Telegram, the administrator has therefore provided powerful tools. Administrators can now easily find group members.

Director’s rights

Creators can now add administrators with specific rights to help them manage the community. The creator must select trusted administrators who can perform many tasks for the chain or group. You can add new users, manage messages, block members, edit group information, or even add new administrators if they have the appropriate rights.

Telegram manager rights

Here we will familiarize ourselves with some of the authorizations granted to administrators to help the creators of the channel manage the channel.

Partial ban

Directors have the authority to restrict members who do indecent things in the group in order to create a better environment among group members. Administrators can now set these unpleasant members to read-only mode, or perhaps prevent them from causing problems in groups or channels.

These prohibitions may be temporary or permanent, depending on the interests of the directors. In addition, version 3.1 of the Boot API allows you to use admin bots to automatically impose a temporary or permanent ban based on member actions.

Current administrative measures

Due to the possibility that several directors are part of the same group, this leads to confusion in the actions of the director. It is very difficult to predict which administration has created which action. To solve this problem, the technical team has added a section of Recent actions to the administration page. This section stores a log of all service actions performed in the group in the last 48 hours and is only accessible to administrators.

These last supergroup actions also show messages deleted in the last 48 hours and the original versions of the messages changed in the same period, so unpleasant actions like deleting spam yourself will no longer help anyone to escape the anger of the administrators.

Adding a new user

Administrators can easily add new valid members to the group, adding valuable new members to the group.

Control messages

Administrators can now personally manage messages to maintain a good environment within the group,

Participant lock

Depending on the behavior of the members, the directors can now take appropriate measures against the members in order to preserve the decorum in groups.

Change group information

Administrators can easily modify the group information as needed so that group members get the information they need when they need it.

Electronic messages

Administrators can now post messages on the channel or group. This really helps the creator to maintain the quality of the content. And the members benefit from the content.


If the messages in the channel are incorrect and need to be corrected, administrators can easily modify these messages if necessary. It really helps to keep the channel correct.

How do you find the administrator of a Telegram group?

It is very easy to find the administrator of a certain group of Telegrams. To do this, simply follow some of the steps described below:

1. Open the group and click on the name of the group.

2. Scroll through the list of users and search for an asterisk in front of the user’s name.

3. A grey star indicates that the participant is an administrator.

4. The blue star, on the other hand, indicates that the member is the creator.


The Telegram made it possible to perform a large number of checks on the administrators of the channels and groups. This not only helps the creators to maintain the channel but the task of maintaining the channel or group is shared by the administrators.

As a result, the members of a particular group find the group or channel very valuable to them. In this article, we have done our best to provide you with relevant information about the administrator and its characteristics.

I hope you enjoyed the article on the rights of Telegram operators and their powers? The Telegram Guide team always strives to give you the best possible information on this subject. Support us by sharing your knowledge with others. If consciousness is created, if it is shared. In addition, if there is anything you would like to share with us, don’t hesitate to send us your comments and we will be happy to answer your questions.