What are Telegram Bots? Examples, Commands, Tutorials, Best Telegram Bots List

Written by Tomer Drey

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What is the Telegram for the Bots? Before I explain these Bots to you, you should read these statements.

Hello, how are you?

Hello, Jarvis! These are messages you may have heard a few times before. It sounds very familiar. If you thought this was some kind of robotic conversation, you’re absolutely right.

These conversations are most commonly used by these Bots. So today we’re going to learn the basics and learn more about these Telegram Bots and what we can do with them. So, without testing your patience, let’s get more information about these Telegram Bots.

What are Bots?

Simply put, it is an interactive program that performs simple and repetitive automated tasks over the Internet. This is partly supported by artificial intelligence for closer interaction with humans.

What are Telegram Bots?

According to the official website, these Telegrambots are third-party applications running within Telegram. Here users can communicate with the Bots by sending them messages, commands and other embedded requests. You can also manage your bots via HTTPS requests to the official bots API.

As we all know, Telegram has been an example of freedom and openness from the beginning – as a result, their code is open to everyone, as is their API. Telegram was the first application with a Bot shop and is also known for popularizing Bots with users.

Today they have taken a new step towards openness by introducing the Bot API and a platform that allows external developers to create bots. It is very useful for developers to create their own bots according to their needs.

What do Telegram Bots do?

One could say that the and Telegram Bots are simply Telegram accounts controlled by software instead of people, and they often have built-in AI functions.

They can do a lot of things like – teach others, find information, send a message, remind you of certain things, play games, connect with others, easily integrate with other services or even send commands to the Internet from the things themselves.

These Telegram Bots simplify online interaction by eliminating the need to leave the current application to search for online content. You can also use these Bots to order news readings, translate texts, make purchases, check the weather, etc. Their usefulness doesn’t stop, but you can get more out of it over time.

Thanks to Update 3.0, Telegram applications can now communicate with these Bots in a very simple way. In most cases you don’t even have to type anything, because the Bots will provide you with a set of custom buttons.

What’s more, the Bots can now deliver custom keyboards for specific tasks. And their usefulness continues.

I’ve mentioned some things we can do with Bots:

  • We may use it to receive customizable notifications and messages.
  • We can integrate it with other services for our own use.
  • We can also accept payments from other users of Telegram.
  • We can easily create custom tools using Telegram bots.
  • We can easily create single and multiplayer games.
  • We can create social services to increase our visibility.
  • Finally, we can do almost anything we want.

How to Use Telegram Bots

Telegram was one of the first applications a boat shop had and is known for the proliferation of bots on its platform. Users can communicate or talk to these Bots by sending them messages, commands and other embedded requests. Or, better yet, you can develop your own bone if you know how to develop one.

As you may know, these Bots are one of the latest updates from this messenger. The Telegram has become more interesting because Bots exist longer and have a richer user interface.

For your information, I have to say that Telegram was one of the first messengers to bring encrypted messages to the masses, it took years before its competitor WhatsApp offered it. Moreover, these Telegrams offer many other interesting functions that other messengers do not have.

There is no doubt that this Telegrambots will be the next big thing in the near future among other chat technologies. It clearly dominates its territory because of its usefulness. Let’s hope we can get more out of the Bots in the automated Telegram.

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