What is a Telegram Group or Supergroup?

Written by Tomer Drey


What is a Telegram Group or Supergroup?

The Telegram Supergroup is the most advanced means of communicating with a large number of people. We want to know more.

Telegram group is an ideal way to share text, multimedia, and other files with your friends or team. Unlike Telegram Channel, anyone can share everything and add up to .200 members to get started. As soon as your group has 200 members, you can convert them into a supergroup.

A group is ideal if you want to create a relatively small community whose members can follow and comment on other users’ articles.

Telegram Groups are a powerful tool for community building. You can have an unlimited number of groups and each group can support up to 100,000 members.

What is Telegram Group?

Telegram Group is the same as any other group whose members can share their knowledge with one another. WhatsApp groups only, these Telegram groups also work in the same way.

Here, the administrator in Telegram Groups can add up to 200,000 members to the group, which is an advantage over the WhatsApp group. The advantage of this platform is that it offers both the public group of Telegrams and the private group of Telegrams.

What is a Telegtam Supergroup?

You can convert any group into a supergroup before the membership limit is reached. If you have a small group of friends, family or team members, a core group suits you best, but for a large organization or community, you need more than that. That’s why Telegram gives you the possibility to turn a fixed group into a supergroup.

Supergroups can have about 100,000 members, they are optimized for hosting large online communities and load quickly, even if you miss a lot of messages during your vacation. They also offer more innovative management tools.

Telegram functions of the supergroup

With a normal Telegram group, you can do normal things, but with a supergroup, you have more control over the content, the members, and more. Let’s talk about her.

1. Replies and Mentions

You can reply to a specific message by scrolling left to that message. By dragging to the left an SMS box will appear to send stickers or text messages. The sender will be notified even if they have disabled the group treasure. You can also use @ to mention the person in your group.

2. Pinned Messages

As with Telegram Channels, group administrators can add a message to the top and each member of that group will be notified even if it is muted for normal messages.

3. Invite links

Easily migrate your existing chats to Telegram without hassle. Just send your friends the link to the invitation. As soon as they receive the Telegram, they can merge your Telegram directly by clicking on this link.

4. Public and private groups

There are two types of groups: Public and Private. In Public, you can create a username that anyone can use to search and join your group. In the personal section, there is a link that allows you to invite people to join your group.

5. Bots

Unlike channels, you can add bots to your groups that do it automatically. There are thousands of robots designed for surveys, games, payments, and more.

6. Group-Specific Stickers

Large groups of 100 or more members can select an official set of stickers that all group members can use while discussing in the group without adding them to each other’s panel.

7. Admin Privilege

A large group needs more administrators to manage it. The creator can add multiple administrators with different permissions to add new users, manage messages, lock members or edit group information.

These are the best features you can find in the Telegram Group and the supergroup. We will update this page when Telegram introduces a new feature in the future. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this feature, you can share them with us here.