What is Telegram X?

Written by Tomer Drey

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What is Telegram X?

Telegram X is a much better version of the main application with new experimental functions. We want to know more.

Have you heard of Telegram X? If not, I’ll tell you about an exclusive application called Telegram X. It’s an improved and enhanced version of the popular Telegram application.

The Telegram X app has been rewritten from top to bottom with a brand new code base and is completely different from the main official application with redesigned media players, a chat mode for messages without bubbles, a night mode, and much more. It is currently only available for Android and Apple devices. You can connect Telegram X to the registration data of the original Telegram application.

It started 31st January this year, and since then it has already been downloaded by 1 million users. This alternative application used to be called Challegram, which was taken over by Telegram and reformatted to Telegram X. This alternative version is based on TDLib (Telegram Data Library).

This means that the application supports caching of message content for faster downloads and offline use, as well as support for covert chats with an emphasis on smooth and creative animations. Telegram X for PC is not released yet, it is only available for Android and iOS.

Telegram X Features

Telegram X has all the usual functions of the Telegram, while some new functions have been reorganized, such as the two tabs, one for traditional cats and the other for calls. A new mode has been introduced, which makes it possible to remove chat bubbles and use the free space to better place text and multimedia in the message.

It is possible to click on the conversations for a long time to get a pop-up window that allows you to view all the content of the chat without opening it. But the best thing is that it works everywhere, including in the call forwarding and sharing menus, and in the Calls and Groups tabs in general.

You also have a number of options: cut, add, delete and open at the bottom of the preview.

It also has an automatic night mode function that allows you to switch seamlessly from night mode to the normal theme color using a light sensor. It also has an enhanced scan mode for faster interaction with the application,

If you drag files to the right, a transfer menu appears for you to share, and dragging to the left allows you to respond. You can also adjust the text size in the application and in the chats.

The application includes a redesigned music player and direct access to the bots embedded in the current call. You’ll also get simplified profile pages that give you quick access to all your shared media files.

Telegram X for Android Download

Telegram X for Android originated from a competition for Android programmers that the creator launched a few years ago. The Champion then used the capabilities of the TDLib to create a large application with a unique focus on smooth animation.

X for Android is faster and much more efficient than the original program and includes a new design. You can download the X-Telegram from the Google Play Store here.

Telegram X for iOS Download

Developed entirely in Swift, the X Telegram for iOS is much lighter, faster, and more efficient than the original program built into C programming.

The layout and features are closer to what iOS users are used to from Telegram, but many iPhones are sure to see smoother animations and faster load times. You can download the X-Telegram from the Apple App Store here.

You can connect to X with your current Telegram account. You can use one account in both applications at the same time. For now, you can install to break the X Telegram, and don’t forget to share your experience and opinions about what you think.