WhatsApp vs Telegram: Which Messenger is Best for You

Written by Tomer Drey

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WhatsApp vs Telegram: Which Messenger is Best for You

WhatsApp and Telegram are the most popular instant messaging applications with which you can easily communicate with your friends. With both, you can easily send text, multimedia, images, gifts, location, PDF files, and more. But the fact is, two things can’t be better at the same time. One must be better and more reliable than the other at a particular stage or condition. Compared to the two messengers, WhatsApp is undoubtedly much more popular than Telegram because of its user base and security.

But if we look at the different functions and compare them, Telegram has more points. The enormous popularity of WhatsApp does not mean that it is better, it still lacks some of the interesting features you can get in Telegram. If you look closely, you will notice that WhatsApp didn’t get much better over time until Telegram entered the messenger arena. The Telegram has grown steadily since the beginning, making it better and better.

People follow fashion and are reluctant to decide for themselves what is best. But don’t worry, if you want to know the answer – which one is best? Then I will try to explain some points about WhatsApp vs Telegram Messenger where you can decide which one is best according to your priorities.

Comparison between WhatsApp and Telegram

A common question that occurs to all users is whether Telegram messenger is better than WhatsApp messenger?

1. User group

It’s still way behind WhatsApp, but it’s still growing. WhatsApp currently has more than a billion active users per month, well ahead of Telegram’s 100 million visitors. WhatsApp has much more experience and development than Telegram. Telegram was a newcomer to the instant messaging arena, entering the market at a time when WhatsApp dominated the instant messaging game and revolutionized free text messaging. On the other hand, everyone uses WhatsApp, making it the clear winner in this category.

2. Calling

WhatsApp has revealed its most anticipated feature: WhatsApp call. It uses your mobile data or WiFi bandwidth to call any contact available on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp call is only available if both users have an active data connection. If you have a strong mobile connection, you get great call quality. It also has a low data usage mode that allows you to save bandwidth. You can also easily video chat with your friends. Unfortunately, Telegram does not support video calling functions.

3. Read the entries

WhatsApp has a receipt reading feature that provides the user with detailed information about when the message was read and when it was delivered. It shows a double checkmark when the message has reached the receiver’s device, and when the message has been read, the checkmark will turn blue. This function can be turned on and off to ensure privacy. Any user can change this function by going to the section Settings and Privacy. Although the Telegram contains receipts read with double tick marks, it does not have the other characteristics mentioned above.

4. Cat backup

WhatsApp allows users to back up their chats. This backup can be stored on a memory card, in the phone’s memory, or on Google Drive. This feature has recently been extended with the integration of Google Drive. You can save your cat to a Google Drive account of your choice. This backup file allows you to restore all chats when you switch smartphones.

The Telegram is stored in the cloud, so all your texts, photos, and files are stored in the cloud. This means that you can log out and log in from as many devices as you like, without losing any data. You can also see in which devices it is currently being used. So you don’t have to worry about backups and repairs. It also guarantees that you can download any file, as many times as you like.

5. Status

You can post status messages in your profile or in the status area of the WhatsApp tab, which can be viewed by anyone in your contact list. However, if you don’t want anyone to see your status and stickers in the status area, you can also select My Contacts instead of in Settings and Privacy. These messages are useful when you want to communicate something to the whole list or to a specific person. Unfortunately, this very cool feature is missing from the Telegram.

6. Availability

With Telegram, you can access discussions on multiple devices via a synchronization feature in the cloud. It is available on most operating systems that people use. You can use Telegram on Android, iOS, and even Windows phones. There are special applications for Windows OS, Mac OS, and for Linux. It allows you to start a discussion on one device and continue it on the other. But WhatsApp is also no less than this cross-platform availability.

7. Safety

Using a cloud-based messaging service meant that Telegram could not provide end-to-end encryption as WhatsApp does. They solved this problem by introducing secret chats, which offer end-to-end encryption and cannot be hacked in any way. You can also set a self-destruct timer for a specific chat or user, which will destroy your message after the time you specify. The best thing is that no secret chat content is stored in the cloud. So if you leave the device, the cat will be lost forever.

While WhatsApp encrypts all calls and data such as voice messages, media, etc. from beginning to end, this means that even WhatsApp cannot read your messages.

8. File exchange

Telegram offers better file-sharing capabilities than WhatsApp. The photos you share are not highly compressed and pixelated like on WhatsApp. There is no limit to the size of video files. You can send files up to 1.5GB, unlike WhatsApp where you can share files up to only 160MB. Therefore, the Telegram transmitters broadcast movies in HD quality that can be downloaded. The use of Telegram’s cloud-based system is based on the fact that you can download a particular file multiple times across multiple platforms if you wish.

But WhatsApp won’t let you do that – once you delete a photo or video, you won’t be able to upload it.

9. Community channels and supergroups

The Telegram has many other features, such as supergroups, public and private channels, etc. Supergroups can hold up to 1,000 people. The channels are the same as for the broadcasting services and an unlimited number of members can be included. The content of this channel varies from news, memes, videos, movies, music, TV shows and much more. The creator can decide who is allowed to post on the channel, and other participants can just view the messages. The user can send a message to private channels for all members with a single mouse click and get all the answers in detail. The public channel has its own user name and can be searched and opened by any user of Telegram.

WhatsApp does not even compare with the groups and channels offered by Telegram. It has 256 members in each group. So the Telegram is even better in this area.

10. Data protection

The Telegram connects an account to a phone number and user name, while WhatsApp asks you to enter a phone number to log in. For example, if you are not sure in Telegram whether to give someone your personal phone number, you can simply share your user name to log in and stay in touch while never leaving your mobile number with the other person without your permission.

The Telegram also hides the last image, which is very similar to WhatsApp. The difference is that you can hide the latest view from specific contacts instead of hiding it from everyone, and in WhatsApp if you hide the latest view, it will be hidden from the entire contact list.

How Secure is Telegram? Is it more secure than WhatsApp?

Do you know the security level of Telegram? This question has always been asked many times on a platform like Quora or Reddit. Both Telegram users and non-users are very concerned about the security of the Telegram application.

Compared to other messaging applications, Telegram appears to be safer than its competitors, such as Whatsapp and Line. But do you know what features make Telegram safer than other messaging applications? Please read the article carefully for the exact answer to the question asked.

According to many security services, Telegram investigators are safer than mass messengers such as WhatsApp and Line. They are based on the MTProto protocol. In addition, this messaging application is based on proven algorithms to balance safety with high transmission speed and reliability in weak connections.

These algorithms are thoroughly tested under different conditions. In addition, the technical team works continuously with the community to improve protocol and customer safety. Now let’s talk about the security of the Telegram.

Talk about basic security provisions: Secret cats are most important. Secret Telegram Cats are pretty safe. Because no one but you and your recipient can read your messages.

The Telegram messaging application uses the MTProto protocol to encrypt user data, which is a great advantage for all fans of privacy: Cloud storage and end-to-end encryption on demand.

In addition, the best-known security feature of this application is the two-tier encryption system that guarantees the confidentiality and security of user data at all times, even for the government.

Protective functions of the Telegram messenger

Since I have already discussed some basic security features of the Telegram application with you, you can easily conclude that Telegram is the safest application in the world of messaging applications.

However, I will list the rest of the security features of Telegram below. Before you start, check the comparison between WhatsApp and Telegram.

1. Secret cat: It has a secret chat room where you can delete the chat after a conversation or it is automatically deleted when you set a time in the chat room.

2. Encryption: While other messaging applications have two layers of encryption, Telegram here has three, making it more secure than the others.

3. Password: Here you can define a password in the Telegram application.

4. Protocol: Telegram uses the MTProto protocol to encrypt the user’s data.

5. It also has other features such as cloud storage and on-demand end-to-end encryption.

Is the Telegram really secure?

Despite its many security features, Telegram still has some problems, as reported by a well-known security researcher, Grugq. In his experience, he has discovered that the Telegram still has problems that make it more vulnerable to use by terrorists.

We have listed these questions below to help you understand them better.

1. Error

By default, the end-to-end encrypted Telegrammic chat function is not enabled. To enable it, the user must select the Secret Chat option before starting a chat, and it is not possible to encrypt an existing chat. Only new or recent cats can be coded.

2. Flight with contact

For example, Telegram asks the user to register a business phone number and downloads the entire contact database to its servers, creating a trail for the police and other investigators to follow the user if necessary. What users don’t know.

As a result, This will allow Telegram to make a huge map of the social network of all its users and how they know each other, explained Grugq.

3. Massive leakage of metadata

Since users use a mobile phone and its use can reveal a lot of metadata. Therefore, even if secure chat is enabled, law enforcement can easily capture additional metadata and compromising servers.

It’s not that easy to do, but chances are it will happen.

With the help of metadata, they can trace the caller and the recipient (who was spoken to), as well as record the time and place, which is sufficient for the authorities to search for possible suspects.

Si z. B. A and B communicate with each other via an encrypted channel and A is on the authority’s list of suspects, the authority can use this metadata to at least discover the connection between them. This can be an added advantage for the investigating authority but is a disadvantage for the user of the Telegram.

4. Encryption of smelly household Hebrew

Regarding the encryption used by Telegram, some security experts are concerned that this encryption has not been publicly cracked when another proven and effective encryption already exists.

Telegram has also announced a competition to crack the encryption application with a price of $300,000, but so far no one has claimed the prize.

However, when it comes to an opponent of the nation-state, Telegram’s encryption protection is simply not to be trusted, as the application can be useful for the security of the average user, but not enough against terrorists.

What we think

Besides the many controversies, the Telegram application is one of the safest at the moment. The source code for the desktop and mobile versions of Telegram is available for download.

According to the developers of Telegram, this code enables researchers to evaluate the encryption protocol of the messenger. This shows that the Telegram team is open to suggestions and is working on improving them.

I hope you enjoyed the article on Telegram security? The Telegram Guide team always strives to give you the best possible information on this subject.

Support us by sharing your knowledge with others. When consciousness is created, when it is shared. In addition, if you have something to tell us, feel free to share your comments with us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Whatsapp or Telegram messenger?

WhatsApp has a major competitor in the market – it is Telegram, which offers a number of interesting additional features. But it all depends on your reporting. Take a look at the application, the features it offers, and then decide which one suits you best. I hope you enjoy this article. If you have any questions or suggestions, please respond below.